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Your newest purchase or gift

Got the Pokeyman Paldea Evolved Elite Trainer box from Amazon as I THOUGHT it had a good price per card. (It has a fine price per card but it’s a bit higher than I thought as my brain wasn’t working; I wouldn’t consider it a “bad buy” though as there is other stuff besides the booster packs) It hasn’t arrived yet though
Just ordered a new pair of earphones from an e-shop since my previous one just stopped working
Baby powder from the pharmacy and chips from the mini market. Weird combo I know, but that is what family asked me to get so...
Bought quite a lot of bits from Hyper Japan, including a 30th Anniversary Kirby Nendoroid, a few different types of sake, a few Gashapon figures, including two Kirby ones, a Cinnamaroll and a keyring of an annoyed cat, some Touken Ranbu keystraps, these gorgeous Japan-exclusive Touken Ranbu and Jojo artbooks, a beautiful blue and gold fan with my name painted on in hiragana, a blind box figure of Psyduck riding on a log in part of a river, and several Pokémon and Ace Attorney pins, keyrings and stickers from the artists' alley.
Made a purchase to Zabars again for the first time in a while. This is because I got a coupon for 25% off my total in my email from them and I figured I might as well use it. Got a bunch of cheap dinners from them like spaghetti and meatballs, Shepard's pie, meat-stuffed cabbage, and, of course, a few packs of their signature bagels. The bagels are mostly for my folks, especially mom, and the Shepard's pie is for a later dinner date, but most everything else is for me to limit the cooking on these rather hot days. And I got them for a pretty good price, especially thanks to the coupon.
I got coffee for everyone earlier, there was an errand I had to run a few towns over, and basically asked family for a ride, so I had to somehow repay, also they wanted to go out at some cafe anyway, just closer to hometown.
Major catch up, plus some minor, but good Bingo prizes:



My sister came home from Australia and brought me back a bag of beach sand from the Gold Coast! Just need to find a jar to put it in now.
bought 2 PLA charms of volo + akari (came with a free little doodle of volo!), and also got a they/them pronoun pin in the shape of a leaf to use irl ^^ can't stop staring at any of them (but especially the pin!)
A laptop <3 Although it was not exactly me, grandma's old one broke, she had to replace it, so basically she got me a new one and took my old one.

I did not feel like sharing this for a while since I mostly talk about the bad news and did not want to undermine those (sorry I am the pessimist kind of guy), I am not a type to flaunt any little privilege to get once in a while, but this was one of the good news that happened this week (although the other one breaking was bad, but it would happen someday). It was the kind of thing we waited for the inevitable on tbh, it had become so slow and then it just crashes at black screen and trying to reinstall OS crashes too.
We got a new Nespresso machine! Our old one gave up the ghost not too long ago.

Also, one of my sister's colleagues gave me a large suitcase full of polymer clay and jewellery making supplies, since she doesn't use them much and is moving into a new house with a baby on the way, so I offered to take it all. There's a pasta machine and an earring card hole puncher and all sorts and it's saved me so much money.
A type C flash memory stick from an e-shop, these are super cool for passing files around phones without Internet
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