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Your newest purchase or gift

Haul for the last two weeks:
I bought a new purple silicon cover for my Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.
In addition, I also bought two new Switch games.
bought a couple of graphic tees which i needed BADLY, and i still am not done shopping!!
Recent haul:


My mom got me the My Little Pony sticker book. Going to use it as a decoration for the next box I use to store some MLP comics in. Yes I have a box nearly full of that title.

Stuffed elephant I won as a Bingo prize. Level Up and Dead Weight were sold at the library store for 50 cents each.
Couple of towels because I saw them on sale and I needed more towels anyways. Plus, I was surprised to learn that the coupon I get for my Amazon return works on these cheap but nice towels.
Another t-shirt from Qwertee, this time a black one that has a parody of the Puma logo, but it says Pika and has a silhouette of Pikachu in place of a puma.
Major haul:

Besides the usual stuff and one shots, I got some older comics as a gift.

Well the third and fourth are all gifts, while Scooby-Doo to the Korean "Power Rangers Dino Thunder" book are library store finds. The PR comic only using the brand for what is just Bakuryu Sentai Abaranger.
puppy treats
he doesn't seem to like them very much, unfortunately
  • commissioned two artists (that... counts as a purchase, does it?)
  • delivery pizza, i need something to keep me full today and tomorrow
  • upgrading my internet to 500mbps counts as a purchase i suppose
After much delay, I finally bought season two of the Love Live Nijigasaki anime on blu-ray.
Impulsed purchased a really nice light jacket that I'm gonna be needing for winter. Was gonna buy one anyways so the fact it was on sale and I had a coupon I was about to throw out made it worthwhile.

Also, some more boba.
A cute Cinnamoroll iOS theme from Etsy. Such an adorable theme and I'm always happy to support artists <3
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