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Your Personal Guilty Pleasure Movies

Arc Blader

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Aug 6, 2010
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I have no guilty pleasures. There is no reason for feeling guilty about something you genuinely enjoy.

THAT SAID the film I enjoy most that I suppose some might list as a guilty pleasure would have to be xXx (the Vin Diesel movie from 2002, not, uh, the other thing you might associate with those three letters with), which just might be the most gorgeously, arrogantly, wrongheadedly dated movie ever made. I'm not kidding -- I can't think of anything else I've seen that tries this desperately to seem like the coolest thing ever. Just watching the first half-hour should give you an idea -- a James Bond stand-in gets gunned down in the middle of a fucking Rammstein concert, followed by Vin Diesel ramping a Republican senator's sports car off a bridge because he's apparently some sort of pre-YouTube viral sensation. It's spectacular.

Fairy Ice Ricky

Move along, move along
Oct 5, 2013
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Yeah, I'm pretty open about my love for the High School Musical series, The Hannah Montana Movie, The Lizzie McGuire Movie, and all kinds of other Disney (Channel) movies if they ever pop up in conversation. Don't curr.

And The Super Mario Bros. Movie isn't bad, in my opinion, I really don't know why it gets so much flak.

I literally only have two guilty pleasures... but neither are movies, so sorry. :p


Glorious Goo
Nov 28, 2010
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What can I say I like cheesy, ridiculous movies for some reason.

Many animal disaster movies like Lake Placid, Anaconda and 8 Legged Freaks.

Silly disaster movies like Dante's Peak and The Core

Many Nicolas cage movies like Ghost Rider, National Treasure and The Next. He's a funny guy.

Old Godzilla movies. Those haven't aged well and the effects look silly but that's what I like about them.


Sentient World Observation and Response Department
Mar 20, 2007
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I freely admit that I actually enjoy Ed Wood movies. I know that they're terrible but I absolutely love them. Plan 9 From Outer Space is my favorite awful film of all time. It's like a train wreck; so awesomely bad that you can't look away yet you find yourself enjoying it anyway.