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Your Pokemon Team, also Team Suggestions/Advice/Recommendations

Stars, Rainbows and Stars
Dec 19, 2009
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Final team, at least before any post-game changes:

Delphox (M) Lv. 64
Azumarill (F) Lv. 67
Aegislash (F) Lv. 58
Malamar (M) Lv. 59
Sigilyph (F) Lv. 59
Vileplume (F) Lv. 63

I think those are the levels (if not, they're pretty close to this). But yep. I haven't yet gotten to Couriway Town. I last saved after I evolved Doublade.
Registered User
Mar 12, 2006
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My team:
Ice Beam (Ice)
Earthquake (Ground) *
Rock Tomb (Rock)
Return (Ice)

Thunderbolt (Electric)
Discharge (Electric)
Return (Normal)
Volt Switch (Electric)

Return (Normal)
Petal Blizzard (Grass)
Dazzling Gleam (Fairy)
Moonblast (Fairy)

Energy Ball (Grass) *
Sludge Bomb (Poison) *
Shadow Ball (Ghost)
Dark Pulse (Dark) *

Dazzling Gleam (Fairy)
Flamethrower (Fire)
Draining Kiss (Fairy)
Surf (Water)

Unfortunately, I don't have my final party member yet:

Bug Buzz (Bug)
Hurricane (if Compound Eyes, otherwise Acrobatics) (Flying)
Energy Ball (Grass) *
Psychic (Psychic) *

I really want a shiny female Vivillon with the Meadow Pattern and since I have Polar, I have no way of getting it myself and have yet to figure out what to do about it :/

Besides that, I'm thinking of maybe switching out Volt Switch from Dedenne as he has enough Electric attacks... Wish I could throw a fighting move into the variety, but the only one that some of them learn is Rock Smash and I don't think the 40 power move just to have something super effective against normal is worth it...

* = TMs I still need to get.

I haven't done any EV training with them/don't plan to (don't really understand that stuff), but I'm happy with them regardless.
'poison stroll through the desert"
Dec 12, 2012
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I finally have the 6 Pokemon I wanted for my team!! Made me so happy, I know I will struggle with the E4, but I accepted that challenge (when I bought the games). I'm on route 15, 6 badges.... just need to over train my two lowered level Pokemon.... on to them:

3 Weasels Mustelids - 2 Cats - 1 Meerkat = makes up my 6 team members
[letting everyone how much I love them - and that I prefer looks over stats or power]

My image from my 3DS XL:

Full detail on the team:
54 - Mienshao - Female - nickname: Sophie - item: Rocky Helmet
Nature: Impish
Ability: Regenerator
• Power-Up Punch (fighting)
• Force Palm (fighting) <- replace with Aura Sphere when she learns it
• Detect (fighting)
• Hi Jump Kick (fighting)

51 - Linoone - F - nickname: Tosca - item: Amulet Coin
Nature: Gluttony
Ability: Impish
• Baby-Doll Eyes (fairy)
• Surf (water) - <- to be replaced when I find Move Deleter
• Strenght (normal)
• Slash (normal)

50 - Pyroar - F - nickname: Xandra - item:
Nature: Serious
Ability: Rivalry
• Fire Fang (fire)
• Noble Roar (normal)
• Flamethrower (fire)
• Flame Charge (fire)

49 - Meowstic - Male - nickname: Milo - item:
Nature: Bold
Ability: Infiltrator
• Psybeam (psychic)
• Disarming Voice (fairy)
• Psyshock (psychic)
• Psychic (psychic)

37 - Watchog - Male - nickname: Mozart - item: Silk Scarf
Nature: Naughty
Ability: Illuminate
• Cut (normal)
• Rock Smash (fighing)
• Hyper Fang (normal)
• Mean Look (normal)

35 - Floatzel - Female - nickname: Flowers - item: Splash Plate
Nature: Sassy
Ability: Swift Swim
• Surf (water)
• Swift (normal)
• Aqua Jet (water)
• Double Hit (normal)

How my journey has been:
October 12th -
• Got Games, as they where released today world wide
• Started playing Pokemon X in English
• Mozart, the Chespin, as starter
• Caught Tosca, female Zigzagoon
• Caught Xandra, female Litleo
• Obtained Rafael, the Squritle from the Professor.
• Zaphod evolved to Quilladin in Lumiose City
• Tosca gets the most 'love' from Pokemon Amie

October 13th -
• Caught Sakura, the Skitty
• Caught Bubsy, the Bidoof
• Caught Po, the Pancham, to PC
• Tosca evolved to Linoone!!
• Rafael evolved to Wortortle
• Caught Milo, the Espurr, to PC
• Caught Itachi, the Sentret, to PC
• Left Bubsy in the PC, and brought out Milo
• Left Sakura in the PC and brough out Itachi
• Caught Carter, the Spoink, to PC
• Caught Robbie, the Absol, to PC
• Caught Sophie, the Mienfoo, to PC
• Caught Zorro the Zangoose, to PC
• Left Rafael in the PC and took out Sophie
• Itachi evolved to Furret!!
• Sophie took away Tosca's spotlight in Pokemon Amie

October 14th -
• Caught Adannielloe, the Swilix, to PC
• Caught Mikan the Dwebble, to PC
• Caught Hugh the Hippopotas, to PC
• Caught Byron the Machop, to PC
• Caught Payne the Kangaskhan, to PC
• Caught Iris the Axew, to PC
• Caught Novoselic the Meditite, to PC
• Battled with Team Flare on Glitter Cave
• Caught Gramps, the Snubble, to PC
• Caught Shaun, the Eevee, to PC
• Milo evolved to Meowstic
• Defeated Grant
• Obtained the Cliff Badge

October 17th -
• Caught Mario the Stunky, to PC
• Caught Bart, the Woobat, to PC
• Caught Ruckus the Roggenrola, to PC
• Caught Jessie, the Wobbuffet, to PC
• Zaphod evolved to Chesnaught

Oct 19th -
• Defeated Korrina
• Obtained Rumble Badge
• Xandra evolved to Pyroar
• Caught Dawn the Pachirisu, to PC
• Caught Xhoca the Mantyke, to PC
• Caught Brutella the Tentacool, to PC
• Defeated Ramos
• Obtained Plant Badge
• Obtained Anubis the Lucario, switched with Xandra
• LeftAnubis in the PC, brough Xandra back into the team
• Caugth Florinne the Trapinch
• Defeated Aliana at the Kalos Power Plant
• 191 combo 'head it' in Pokemon Amie, new record for me

Oct 20th -
• Defeated Clemont the Lumiose City Gym
• Obtained Voltage Badge!
• Caught Cilan the Stunfisk, to PC
• That darn Laverre City gym is very annoying
• Defeated Valerie
• Obtained Fairy Badge
• Sophie evolved to Mienshao!!! So Happy Now!!
• Obtained Master Ball!! at the Pokeball Factory!!
• Caught Barry the Skorupi, to PC
• Caught Mozart (same nickname as Chesnaught) the Watchog
• Sadly, left Mozart the Chesnaught in the PC, brought out Mozart the Watchog
• Caught Flowers the Floatzel, to PC
• Extremely saddened, left Itachi the Furret in the PC, brough out Flowers, the Floatzel
• Record so far 259 on Head It!! with Sophie, Mozart, and Flowers

Thanks for at least taking a look!! ¡Muchas Gracias!

My biggest struggle will be with dragons and mega-evo (if any one uses them against me).
It's just my in game team, I don't have WiFi yet.
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New Member
Oct 20, 2013
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Hi all!
I'm playing X, and have gotten to Laverre with a (level 40ish) team consisting of:

Chesnaught (Gr/Ft) Has high Attack
-Seed Bomb
-Pin Missle

Charizard (Fi/Fl[Dra]) Has high Sp. Atk
-Flame Burst
-Dragon Rage
-Fire Fang

Blaziken (Fi/Ft) Has higher Sp. Atk, though Attak also high
-Rock Smash
-Blaze Kick
-Aerial Ace
-Fire Spin

Raichu (E) Has almost equal SA and A, A slightly higher
-Thunder Wave

Lapras (W/I) Attack and SA equal
-Water Pulse
-Body Slam
-Ice Beam

And I need a last member. This is my problem. I had Farfetch'd, and he was great earlier on but I really don't need him now that Charizard is evolved. I'm thinking about adding Sableye to my team, but I'm not sure if that's a good idea, or what to do with him. His attack is higher than his SA though. Any advice?

Any suggestions on a last member to cover the weaknesses of my team, or moves I could teach my existing members, would be most appreciated.
Also, I realize my team has some redundancies, but I'm not sure I would trade any of my team out. Unless someone had a great suggestion.

Thanks! :bounce:
New Member
May 15, 2013
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Pokemon X

I feel like I am so gonna die. I dont have any level 70s except my Lucario......here is my team

Delphox lvl 67
Lucario lvl 70 w/ mega stone
Chesnaught lvl 60
Blaziken lvl 60 w/ mega stone
Zoroark lvl 51
Xerneas lvl 52

If only I had 2 more level 65+ but no one is getting my legendary...
New Member
Jan 8, 2011
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Re: Your Pokemon Team



All at level 47.
I'm back, and better than ever.
Aug 17, 2013
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Having finished the league, I am pretty content with my team. They are awesome Although I do sense an unintentional Poke Shipping reference with two team members, especially when the region is France-Like and has been referenced by a certain tomboyish mermaid. I dunno

1.Delphox- I stuck with Fennekin all the way through. No regrets. She has taken down so may opponents, and is basically saying: YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!!

2.Talonflame- Regional bird. Nuff said, and a really interesting one this time.

3.Pikachu- Discovered Pikachu in the forest, instantly on the team. Definitely NOT evolving.

4.Sylveon- I was intrigued by the Fairy type introduction. But hey, Sylveon interested me. Instantly a member. And is a real boss. I even had to warn my brother. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE FAIRIES!!!!!

5.Aurorus- Did not expect the Fossil Pokemon being on the team, honestly. But, it fought well, and was really a true fighter, through and through. Very useful whenever I need him.

6.Starmie- The last member I got, although it was around the 7th badge I got it and I always stay true to the "old" formula my brother and I follow on our teams of starter, flyer, surfer. Really not as impressive as a Staryu, a real struggle to train up, but once it leaned Hydro Pump and I got the Water Stone, it became a powerful asset to the team.
Apr 14, 2011
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Forretress Moveset

I got a shiny Forretress with perfect IVs in speed and defence and I can't decide on the right moveset for him (assuming he'll be level 100 ofc) so I need some help. It's also a timid nature. Gyro Ball and Zap Cannon are ones I think I should get but I can't pick the rest. All help is appreciated
PS Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.
New Member
Oct 25, 2013
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Help me train my bergmite

I ev trined my bergmite with atk/hp and was wondering if there are any good moves and items for it?
It is now an avalugg =)
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Racing and Pokemon fan.
Oct 25, 2013
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My team is:


*When I'm not allowed to use legendaries I use another Pokemon.
Smashing the Brothers
Oct 17, 2013
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I'm not sure if there is another thread for this, but I thought it might be a good idea that seeing as we have a decent amount of Pokemon now revealed for Gen VI, we could make a thread dedicated to who will be on your team for the upcoming games. And then as new Pokemon/MegaEvolutions are revealed, you can post your revised list.

So far, here is my shortlist and I'm not sure how I'm going to choose 6 - as much as I want to use new Pokemon, these MegaEvolutions are definitely making me excited for older gen Pokemon:
  • Fennekin
  • Litleo
  • Noivern
  • Blaziken (because of its MegaEvolution)
  • Lucario (it'd be somewhere anyway, but I love its MegaEvolution)
  • Honedge
  • Pangoro
  • Malimar
  • Flabebe - pending evolution however.

I'm definitely going to have a Fire/Fighting imbalance here.

There are so many more I'd love to use, but I'm just going to have to do multiple playthroughs on one version to get to them all.

Feel free to delete this thread if it's deemed unnecessary.
My team......Delphox,Agieslash,Gardivoir,Crobat,Blastoise,and Slvyeon
New Member
Oct 16, 2013
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My team: Furfrou, Braxien (forever young!), Meowstic (F), Lucario(+Mega/My own and not the gifted one), Sylveon and Vaporeon.
Apr 23, 2012
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Talonflame/Goodra/HM Slave
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Dreaming something bad.
Oct 3, 2012
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My team is still under heavy construction, but this is what I'm currently running with:

• Tyranitar
• Aegislash
• Garchomp (Might change to mega)
• Tyrantrum (Subject to change)
• Mawile (Current mega) (Sadly, subject to change)
• Scizor

My team is insanely weak to all sorts of things, but I always seem to end up with Pokémon of the same, or similiar typing. It's just some kind of knack I have. I might even throw the whole team out the window at some point, just to end up with a Ghost/Dark/Psychic-Team. It would at least be what usually happens with me. :p
Oct 25, 2011
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My standard team in-game when not training is
Popplio Defense Squad
Sep 2, 2013
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Need help deciding the last 3.
The Ugliest Trainer in Galar
Feb 26, 2010
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My final team, which ended up a bit different from what I planned:

Marisson, Chesnaught
Penny, Blastoise
Shep, Furfrou
Statta, Pikachu
Vivi, Vivillon
Ardu, Carbink

I wasn't planning on Pikachu or Carbink, but I was glad I added them, because both were awesome additions <3
If she's UB-01, I'm UB-01
Jan 28, 2011
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My team started out as

Juggernut, Chesnaught (M)
Bunsen, Mega Charizard X (M)
Ramalam, Malamar (F)
Jawesome, Tyrantrum (F)
Excalibur, Aegislash (M)
Nessie, Lapras (F) (HM Slave)

But once I beat the E4 I started EV training and building a semi-competitive team and ended up with
Gardevoir, Gardevoir (F)
Devo, Mienshao (F)
Theodosius, Mega Aggron (M)
Polymer, Goodra (M)
Excalibur, Aegislash (M)
Ramalam, Malamar (F)

Tsar, Shiny Clawitzer (M) and Lerna, Hydreigon (M) as rotations.
'poison stroll through the desert"
Dec 12, 2012
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No changes to my team members, other than just updating their stats!! Still have the same team, they will accompany me to the E4!!

First off the image from my 3DS XL:
Team Overview:

Saving screen:

Going basic detail on all the Pokemon: - 4 females / 2 Males
The full details (moves, items, and the stats for those who are interested) are in the images in the spoilers. At least to me no reason to have the same info twice.

73 - Sophie, the female Mienshao
Her nickname I got from one of the meerkats in the tv show "Meerkat Manor"

69 - Tosca, the female Linoone
Her nickname I got from one of the meerkats in the tv show "Meerkat Manor"

65 - Xandra, the female Pyroar
Her nickname I got from an old online comic from a cheetah named Xandra

67 - Milo, the male Meowstic
His nickname I got from the orange cat named Milo in the movie "Milo & Otis"

67 - Mozart, the male Watchog
His nickname I got from one of the meerkats in the tv show "Meerkat Manor"

69 - Flowers, the female Floatzel
Her nickname I got from one of the meerkats in the tv show "Meerkat Manor"

What's been going on in my game since last time I updated teams:
Oct 21st -
Caught Sergey the Magneton, to PC
I'm on Frost Cave
Caught Hikari, the Mamoswine, to PC
Caught Katsumi, the Poliwhirl, to PC
Caught Pryce the Bergmite, to PC
Caught Julian the Jynx, to PC
Arrived at Anistar City

Oct 23rd
Defeated Anistar City Gym Leader Olympia
Obtained Psychic Badge!

Took a break between the 23rd and the 28th to continue my other games

October 28th
arrived at Team Flare's HQs
Mozart took down Mega-Gyarados!! Proud moment for me
Defeated Lysandre of Team Flare
Caught Xavier the Xerneas, to PC
Caught Alisha the Torkoal, to PC
Caught Wayne the Sneasel, to PC
Caught Maria, the female Watchog, to PC - for breeding too!
Caught Patty the Mightyena, to PC
Caught Johnson the Foongus, to PC
Caught Thyrza, the Delibird, to PC
Caught Phoebe the Durant, to PC
Had an inverse battle! somehow won, barely.
Caught Takeshi the Graveler

It took me over 2 hours and at least 18 photos of each part of the 3DS Screens (over 100 photos) some turned out to blurry others too small to read in certain areas, or part was too blurry - and in some the angle was way off (clear on one side - blurry on the other end, or parts on the other end where cut off). At the end I had to get the best possible image. Another hour to put them together.

After defeating the E4 - I'll bring out Chesnaught for it to become level 100
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