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Your popular video game opinions

Let's go hunting
Sep 26, 2015
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I'm glad Sephiroth is in Smash, he's not my favorite FF villain and his theme is overrated and not my top favorite either, but if it means getting more FF content (even if it's little and still around VII) then I'm all for it. I was never opposed to him being brought in either way.

Diabolik Lovers series has my favorite vampires/demons in an otome, even if those creatures are considered overrated.

Arvis and Julius are two of my favorite FE villains.

Berkut has the best voice acting in FE SoV (though all characters do in that game tbf, second favorite would definitely be Alm).

OZMAFIA!! and Bad Apple Wars are not that bad.

I unironically wouldn't mind Sora in Smash, it's just Disney that'd be the obstacle (since they're very protective of their property, which is understandable).

All of the characters in Obey Me! are great, but Leviathan and Mammon are indeed the best boys in the game (though Simeon is third).
Nov 1, 2011
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ace attorney and danganronpa are great introductions to the visual novel genre.