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Your regular team in Sun and Moon

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Feb 12, 2017
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My first team in Moon:
Lycanrock Midnight(Rocky)
Oricorio Red(Revalation)
N/A(Honored to all the Pokemon I caught and didn’t use during the story)
The team I first beat Kukui with in Moon was awesome
Darth Ignis
Jul 19, 2015
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Doing another run through of Moon

This is my team:

Rowlet's final evo (I'm not going to try to spell that)

I've been rotating in Drampa and Trumbeak in. But now I'm trying out Oranguru. So far I'm impressed with him. I also have my Greninja from the demo I should probably rotate in.
Formerly GTT
Jul 5, 2009
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Moon Team (first play through)

-Lycanroc Midday (traded to Sun and evolved it there, then traded back)

Decidueye, Toucannon, Lycanroc, and Mimikyu are all pulling their weight. Salazzle too, but she doesn't see as much combat as I would maybe like. Araquanid had thus far been a bit of a disappointment. Worth noting that I had a Mudsdale that I replaced with Mimikyu. It was a nice tank but it was too slow and didn't hit hard enough, plus its coverage wasn't all that great. I don't regret replacing it at all. Speaking of replacements, I might end up replacing Araquanid with Golisopod later, unless it's performance improves between now and Poni Island (I'm currently finishing up Ula'Ula Island.)

Update: by the end of the game, Araquanid did catch up to the rest of the team, but I had to wait until level 57 for that. Thing is that Araquanid's stats are horrible, with the least bad offensive stat being it's physical attack. Water Bubble can somewhat mitigate this (it only boosts Water type moves, after all, so it's Bug STAB is still basically wasted) but it doesn't learn a move that synergizes with both its ability and superior attacking stat until Liquidation at level 57. Which is a long ass time to wait until it can do something decent. Even after catching up with the rest of the team, I still felt less attached to it than to, say, Mimikyu, who is now one of my favorite Pokémon ever, period.

On the bright side Salazzle got to see more action and she def didn't disappoint.
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Feb 21, 2017
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My moon team has been changing constantly since I keep changing my mind. Currently it's:
Metagross / Espeon
Alolan Ninetales / Lycanrock (moon form) / Ribombee
Goliosopod / Poliwraith
Archeops / Mandibuzz
I really want to switch out my Archeops because of its terrible ability to a HA Garchomp but chaining for one is such a pain
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Dec 13, 2016
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Okay. I replayed Moon, as my realization about natures and IVs took place postgame and I wanted to get some somewhat usable UBs and Tapus. Team two:

-Vikavolt (I think physical eviolite Charjabug would be more fun honestly.)
-Shiny Slowpoke (From previous playthrough breeding)
-Alolan Marowak w/ thick club
-Mimikyu (Actually kind of meh. I thought it would be at least decent, as the one I bred is great. It probably has a terrible attack IV, haven't checked yet.)

Obviously my team was not really balanced, with 3 ghost types and only bonemerang for a ground move, but I had lots of fun. What was interesting was the difficulty changing for some trials. Salazzle was awful but Lurantis got OHKO'd by Beak Blast.

I told myself I would be fun and spontaneous by not planning out my team like I always do but I did it anyway. *Sigh*
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Aug 25, 2013
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Toucannon, Evil Lycanrok, Decidueye, Turtonator, Araquanid, shiny Magnezone
Empoleon Fanatic
Mar 14, 2011
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1. Primarina
2. Raichu (A)
3. Salazzle
4. Minior
5. Ninetales (A)
6. Kommo-o
7. Greninja (Battle Bond)

I typically don't use event Pokemon through the games but I made an exception for Greninja because he's one of my favorites and it was sort of a homage to the Greninja I bonded with through my Y Version.
Jul 2, 2014
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I am currently playing through moon, and I am about to enter the Pokemon League. But first my Sun Team

1. Decidueye
2. Lycanroc (midday)
3. Vicavolt
4. Salazzle
5. Hariyama (He was not planned, but he was so useful at times).
After Post-game
I ended up with Salamance instead of Hariyama and then I just had an open 6 slot.

Now for my Moon playthrough.
1. Incineroar
2. Kommo-o
3. Sylveon
4. Mudsdale
5. Garbador
6. Aloan Golem

So to be honest I had planned a team. But then I went with Garbador for pure fun. It is so ugly, but hell you gotta try new things. Then I used the Aloan Golem you get via trade in game for fun as well. Neither are awesome, but I have grown to love them. Incineroar is a beast, Kommo-o is insanely good, Sylveon is great and Mudsdale is average.

EDIT: OH! And beating Lusamine with a Garbador felt pretty good since she only values beauty. Well eat trash.
Dec 29, 2016
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Through my first title defense in Moon, my team consisted of:
Bob Fizzle (Decidueye)
Electric Eye (Manectric)
Don'tCareBear (guess what that one is)
and I rotated in and out:
Nebby (once again, guess)
Patrick (Starmie)
Shaniqua (Salazzle)
Bam Margera (Mudsdale)
Ooge (Muk-A)
Tapu Fini

I had used but dropped early on:
Turtonator (I traded for this one and got hugely let down)
Kadabra ( evolved it before they fixed the glitch where it didn't learn it confusion upon evolution, so I dropped it)
Ledian (first one to be dropped)

And my current battle tree team is:
Tapu Bulu
Sharpedo-Mega (I'm looking for a Magic Guard Abra to replace this to avoid stacking weaknesses)
Still waiting for Let's Go Mimikyu
Mar 24, 2015
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Full team in Sun, including members I replaced.

Final Team:
Ahimalu - Incineroar (Ahimalu is a combination of the Hawaiian words for fire and shadow)
Rufus - Braviary
Phoebe - Midday Lycanroc
(Named for my dog)
Pikaboo - Mimikyu
Snowflake - Alolan Ninetales
Nebby - Solgaleo

Replaced Members:
Spoopy - Haunter (Used on Melemele to help me beat the trials. Later boxed because I knew I'd be getting Mimikyu later.)
Bouncee - Tsareena (Obtained to help me beat Lana's trial. Much later replaced with Nebby.)

My favorite team member has to be Pikaboo. This little guy just so happened to have an Adamant nature, and became the ace of my team. I later used him to help me capture the Ultra Beasts and was used as my grinding mon when completing the Pokedex. He's nearly level 100 now.
Formerly GTT
Jul 5, 2009
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Pokemon Moon- Second Playthrough:

-Lycanroc Midnight

So Primarina was a pretty solid Starter. She never once failed me. And yet, she also kind of failed to stand out. She was basically an instawin button for me, but the lack of struggle made it really difficult to connect with her. I chose Oricorio because I wanted an Alolan Flying type that wasn't Toucannon (I love Toucannon, but I've used it twice before and I wanted a change.) Oricorio was...okay, I guess. The Psychic form was the weakest of the three I ended up using (didn't get around to using the Ghost type.) It was annoying that it didn't get any coverage moves. I was stuck spamming Air Slash until it got Revelation Dance at level 40. Baile form stood out the most to me, but the Pokemon in general wasn't very outstanding.

So fun fact, I actually managed to get a shiny Rockruff with its Hidden Ability. My favorite evolution of Rockruff is the Midday form, but I'll admit that Midnight has the better HA and the better shiny, so I evolved it to Midnight and it was...a mixed bag. Of all my teammates, this one is the one that probably fainted the most. Whatever it touched, it would knock out, but if it got touched, it would get knocked out. Total glass cannon here. I prefer Midday by far.

Tsareena, much like Primarina, was a solid Pokemon that I just never really got to connect with on a personal level. I used her since Mallow's trial, and yet she never stood out as a member of my team. She would consistently OHKO her opponents, but again, the lack of struggle made it difficult to bond with her.

Idk what happened with Kommo-o. It was a pretty solid mon when I used it in Sun. This time though, my god did it suck. Like, it sucked hard. The worst member of my team by far. I caught it and grinded it to level 59 and it was still getting OHKKO'd by random trainers. Like, what? WTF happened to you?

In contrast, Ninetales-A was the absolute MVP of my team. Like, whoa. I maxed out everybody's affection on Pokemon Refresh, but Ninetales gave the most solid returns. It survived two consecutive attacks that should have knocked it out in a row. It swept Hapu, Lusamine, Mina, and Guzma with absolute ease. It was the real star of this playthrough.