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Your Shipping List

The Ugliest Trainer in Galar
Feb 26, 2010
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Haven't posted here in a while. Why must this be so awfully inactive?
ANYWAYS as my signature states I am a ValetShipper, which is DarachxCaitlin. I'm not even kidding it's my OTP. I think it was teased just a tad in BW2 (I think by Caitlin) so squeeeee!
The Great and Powerful
Jan 28, 2013
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please forgive my Noob-ness, but i'm not sure how to categorize my ships XD

i think it's called PalletShip? Ash x Gary
and Pokeship? Ash x Misty

and then, idk if i can do this <_< but...

I ship Aaron and Marlon, just because i love them. I know they've never met but maybe Aaron likes to go on vacations to Humilau :p
Aug 9, 2011
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please forgive my Noob-ness, but i'm not sure how to categorize my ships XD

i think it's called PalletShip? Ash x Gary
and Pokeship? Ash x Misty

and then, idk if i can do this <_< but...

I ship Aaron and Marlon, just because i love them. I know they've never met but maybe Aaron likes to go on vacations to Humilau :p
Don't worry, it isn't too hard- you just have to divide your shippings in the category of what media of Pokemon they come from, so for instance, you'd slot PalletShipping and PokeShipping both under the Anime, because they come from there, under one spoiler. Before the other spoiler is placed in, you would put it as Games, and Marlon x Aaron (which is called It'sMyBattleAndI'llFlyIfIWantToShipping) would go underneath the spoilers. Make sure when you list the shipping name and characters, you give an explanation, too, for Pallet and Poke.

Hope this helped!
New Member
Dec 24, 2013
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I do have my fair number of ships in Pokemon. Let's see here (a little disorganized right now, will fix later).

-Orangeshipping: MistyxTracey. I believe they would get along great, perhaps she would like hanging out with a guy who's not as hotheaded as Ash (naturally, they would clash less). The Mermaid Chronicles episode made me like this ship even more.

-Rocketshipping: JessiexJames. I think I shipped this even when I was a wee lass with a fondness for romance. They've been milked dry in the course of the series, but I'll always have a fondness for their old episode interactions (and even some new ones, like Training Daze). Plus, I hope the day they end the anime is similar to their end counterparts in the manga. A gal can dream, right?

-Krazyshipping: PikachuxMeowth. It just works. Maybe it's my perverted mind but I'll always like "cat and mouse" interactions between characters. The Cat always chasing and running, and the Mouse not giving in to any of the Cat's shit. And when these two get tangled up together and still work out? It's very sweet and satisfying.

-Twinleafshipping: DawnxBarry. I just love these two no matter what: games, anime, manga, etc. While it's quite downplayed in the anime in comparison to the other two versions, there's still some hints here and there. I just love the thought of them going on on wild adventures and Dawn always one step ahead with Barry's shenanigans.


-SoulSilverShipping: LyraxSilver. I really caught up in the HGSS hype well enough, and I like these two. Especially Silver later on being such a tsundere and Lyra being so cheery around him, I imagine later on she would catch on his feelings and start teasing him for it, while he keeps denying it. Aaah.

-FerrisWheelShipping: ToukoxN. Much like SoulSilver but better developed I think. Touko seems like a mature girl with lots of common sense, and while she would understand N's ideas (and even pity his backstory) she would still disagree and show to him how the world really works. She would take him out of his misguided/sheltered life and show him true life. Usually this ship in media is worked in the inverse (aka sheltered girl meets streetsmart boy and he helps her leave her house), but I think it's much sweeter with the genders reversed.

(Or you could just say I was caught in the hype of BW and HGSS when it comes to the previous two pairs, but nyah nyah, I don't care)

-NxSilver (dunno the name). They would get together and angst about their daddy issues (which, now that I'm thinking, is not really healthy for a relationship...)

-DawnxBarry (game-wise). I can't get enough of these two. I picture them game-wise being more like the Ron-Hermione of Pokemon, more or less.

-HoennShipping: MayxBrendan. Of the main players male/female characters, I think these two can work the best as in a relationship. (And yes, like Twinleafshipping, I'm also all for them in the manga, yah.)

-SkylaxElesa: The two girlfriends. I imagine they'd be the kind to spend hours traveling around Castelia/Nimbasa City shopping, going to the amusement park, the movies...And they'd confide a lot of personal things to one another, when they're not joking/goofing around.

-Juxtapozshipping (I think? it's BurghxElesa) I have this headcanon of Elesa being queer, and she switches between Skyla and Burgh at times. I really like the contrast between the two in this case: their fighting, their looks...even their personalities differ. I really see them in this bohemian-like relationship going on, a model and an artist. Plus I like the fact (not sure if canon, read it somewhere) that they were childhood friends.

-Soulshipping: SabrinaxMorty. (correct me if that's the right name. Why is it called that anyway?) Anyway, LOVE this one. It's pretty much one of my most favorites. Even if it's nevermet I just have a lot of fun thinking the posibilities. There's a connection between them: both owning a Haunter, Ghost pokemon affecting Psychic ones, both being able of seeing the future... Their interactions could be interesting, too, since how she's much more reserved and serious about subjects while he's much more relaxed and laidback about most things. I think he'd admire her based on word of mouth about her. She'd find him and his premotion abilities interesting. I just wish there was more fanfic and fanart about them, but the few I've encountered are pretty good.

-Fatherlyshipping: JaninexFalkner. Again, daddy issues. And I do like their interactions, gives the posibilities of a love-hate romance.

-LugiaxArticuno. Legendaries of ice and water, it's fitting. And I love the thought of being Lugia bigger, Articuno can easily cuddle underneath its wings or hide there when endangered. Size differences are <3.

-DarkraixCresselia: I love light and dark pairs (see ferriswheel, more or less), especially when they practically embody it. I can even see as Cresselia tries its best to help Darkrai out.

I'm sure there's more, but there are at my head atm. I'll need to come back to organize this again, i think.
Delicate Darling~
Mar 12, 2016
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I am completely new to the Pokemon anime,so I don't have much ships to list. I have watched OS,AG and few episodes of BW.So my favorite ships from these seasons are:
1.Rocketshipping(JessieXJames): My first ship ever!They are really adorable together and are made for each other.
2.Negaishipping(AshXIris):I love their agruments and interactions.
3.Shoppingshipping(BrockXMay):This ship is really cute and has subtle hints as well.
4.HarleyXJessie:Looks canon from Harley's side and it's cute.
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Nov 5, 2016
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can't remember if i already answered a similar thread with an older account, but lets go:
soulsilvershipping: lyra and silver
hoennchampionshipping: may and steven
ferriswheelshipping: hilda and N
ironwillshipping: dawn and riley
druidshipping: lucas and cheryl
rebelshipping: hilbert and Bianca
Moonlilyshipping: Moon and Lillie

all shippings of the games.
Gladion on Ice
Dec 31, 2016
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From PokéSpe: Franticshipping (Ruby x Sapphire)

From main games: SoulSilvershipping (Silver x Lyra)
Huntershipping (Silver x Ethan)
FerrisWheelshipping (N x Hilda)
Isshushipping (N x Hilbert)
Mahinashipping (Gladion x Moon)
Jun 20, 2014
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MedievalStoryShipping (Gardevoir/Gallade)
LagomorphShipping (Pikachu/Buneary)
PenguinShipping (Dawn/Kenny)
PokeShipping (Ash/Misty)
AmourShipping (Ash/Serena)
DarkSteelShipping (Cynthia/Steven Stone)
ShockingShipping (Elesa/Volkner)
ChessShipping (Hilbert/Hilda)
HoennShipping (Brendan/May)
TansceiverShipping (Nate/Yancy)
HeartSoulShipping (Gold/Lyra)
FouruneShipping (Dawn/Lucas)
DualRivalShipping (Bianca/Cheren)
ShiningSunShipping (Lillie/Sun)
SnowlillieShipping (Lillie/Hau)
FallerShipping (Looker/Anabel)
RendShipping (Grovyle/Celebi)
BrightTomorrowShipping (Calem/Shauna)
Lvl 16. Beat that, #635
Dec 30, 2011
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I've already posted my list of ships before on page 6, so I'll only do small additions.

M!Corrin & Scarlet / M!Corrin & Setsuna (Fire Emblem Fates : Birthright)
The reason why I put both couples in the same place is that I can't really seem to decide between the two. Scarlet was my first choice, since she can only go with M!Corrin and... I didn't like how she turned out to be in Conquest and Revelation, so I went with what's best for her (trying my best not to spoil anything here). On top of all that, her quote when you complete a whole heart in the Barracks just hit me in the feels. As for Setsuna, I just really love how airheaded she is, and how cute she sounds when she defeats an enemy and chants "Victory, victory~". If I had access to Revelation, I'd have married Setsuna there, so there wouldn't be any conflict, but I guess making 2 files where Scarlet is married to my Avatar, and Setsuna in another will do for now.

Kent Akechi & Kumiko (F-Zero Maximum Velocity)
That one seems random, especially for a game where there's next to no background between characters. For the context, Kent Akechi is supposedly the son of Captain Falcon in this continuity. I like to imagine Kumiko as Samurai Goroh's daughter and how both she and Kent would get along, considering their fathers were rivals, either as a foe-yay relationship (rivalry between two rival's children), or the complete opposite, bringing much irony to the table (again, characterisation is very open for this game).

Calem & Korrina (Skateshipping)
Now, I don't know where I got this from. It just came naturally, when I was thinking of a ship for Calem. I can imagine them hanging out on Shalour City's beach, and eating ice-cream together. And swimming I guess. Yeah, the usual things couples do when going at the beach.
Jan 5, 2017
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To wit, here are most (if not all) of my Pokemon ships, alphabetized for the sake of convenience:

RocketShipping (James & Jessie)

AbsoluteControlShipping (Cyrus & Giovanni)
AlphaFemaleShipping (Courtney & Shelly)
AngelFireShipping (Diantha & Malva)
AntiGravityShipping (Colress & Ghetsis)
BurntOliveShipping (Professor Burnet & Olivia)
ClingyShipping (Barry & Lucas)
ContestQueenShipping (Lisia & May)
CuteBoneShipping (Gladion & Hau)
DarkParadiseShipping (Guzma & Professor Kukui)
DistributionShipping (Cedric Juniper & Professor Willow)
EcarlateShipping (Serena (XY) & Sina)
GallantryShipping (Calem & Dexio)
GingaShipping (Cyrus & Saturn)
GreySkyShipping (Hugh & Nate)
HardenShipping (Archie & Maxie)
HonorShipping (Falkner & Morty)
IgnitionShipping (Flint (elite) & Volkner)
InterimShipping (Archer & Saturn)
IronChefShipping (Siebold & Wikstrom)
IsshuShipping (Hilbert & N)
LittleRootShipping (Professor Birch & Norman)
LoverivalShipping (Brendan & Wally)
LuxAuraShipping (Lucas & Riley)
MeanBeanShipping (Mohn & Lusamine)
MoonLilyShipping (Lillie & Moon (game))
NamelessShipping (Blue (game) & Red (game))
NeoChampionShipping (Lance & Steven Stone)
PerfectWorldShipping (Lysandre & Professor Sycamore)
PhaesporiaShipping (Cynthia & Diantha)
PoliceShipping (Looker & Nanu)
ScientificShipping (Fennel & Professor Juniper)
SeaMountShipping (Matt & Tabitha)
SecretFireShipping (Lusamine & Malva)
SpecialityShipping (Lisia & Zinnia)
SteelFedoraShipping (Riley & Steven Stone)
SubordinateShipping (Archer & Giovanni)
SunnySurfingShipping (Hau & Sun (game))
TensaiShipping (Brendan & Steven Stone)
YellowFlowerShipping (Ilima & Kiawe)

PreciousMetalShipping (Gold & Silver)

Spin-Off Titles
RirishiiShipping (Nobunaga & Ranmaru) [Conquest]
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Oct 29, 2016
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Oh boy, looking at some of these makes my list look minuscule
1. Amourshipping (Ash x Serena)
The one that is more obvious than other Ash x female companion shipping, because it's already half-canon. Plus it does make it a substory in the already amazing XY series. I like to say it's canon after the last XY episode, but...
2. ShiningSunShipping (Sun x Lillie)
Lillie's affection is shown a lot over the course of Sun/Moon, and Exeggutor Island was where it became a lot more obvious to me. Sun, he's just emotionless, but still a good shipping.
3. SpecialShipping (Red x Yellow)
Well, since they are shown blushing throughout the arcs, it's safe to say this is kinda canon
Mar 10, 2013
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PalletShipping (Ash/Gary) - My first ship. I don't even watch the anime anymore, but I still have a fondness for this rivalship.
DaddyShipping (Ash/Sammy) - I... I forgot it was called this. LMAO. It was cute, though!
ApprenticeShipping (Oak/Tracey) - Although I only ship it one-sided (Tracey→Oak).

AlternatePalletShipping (Game!Ash/Gary) - Or Red/Green or whatever.
IsshuShipping (N/Hilbert)
ActingRegalShipping (Rosa/Bellelba) - Which I just had to coin myself, because apparently only the Nate version has a name? Sheesh.
PredestinationShipping (Rosa/Future Being Ledian) - I also had to coin this myself just now. Kind of surprised the name wasn't taken? I freaking love the silly tropey Pokestar Studios films.
BoutiqueShipping (Serena/Shauna) - The fireworks scene! It was so cute!
AbandonmentShipping (Emma/Serena)
MoonLilyShipping (Moon/Lillie)
RockGardenShipping (Mallow/Olivia)
MauvilleRooftopShipping (Delinquent/Ace Trainer)

Yeah, I know the player/NPC relationships could just as easily be genderswapped, but I prefer the versions with the PCs that I actually play as. (Ash instead of Leaf because I've played Blue more recently than Fire Red, and Hilbert instead of Hilda because I hate Hilda's terrible shorts.)
Far too mouthy for my own good.
Nov 29, 2016
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I can't list my favorite pair to ship because it would spoil part of my fanfic.

But, the others...

2. Crasher Wake and Volkner. I imagine they would have the most hammy dates.

3. Elesa and Skyla. They just would be so adorable together.

4. Hilda and N. Blame the people who already ship them.

5. Red and Green. Though, this is probably already obvious from my fanfic.

6. Ilima and Mallow, when both are older.

7. Serena and Calem.

8. Aaron and Flint.
Well-Known Member
Dec 16, 2016
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Want a funny ship?

Ash's Pikachu x an Alolan Persian (F)
TR's Meowth x an Alolan Persian (F)

Both Pikachu and Meowth hate their evolved form. :D
Active Member
Jun 6, 2017
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Disclaimer/Warning: These ships all contain a lot of conjecture/headcanon and should not be taken very seriously. (Unless I've somehow convinced you to jump onto these ships, then by all means feel free to join me.) I would also like to note that these ships are all from the games.

HardenedAffectionShipping (Roxanne x Jasmine) - I think they complement each other well, one being a Rock type Gym Leader and the other being a Steel type Gym Leader. I like to imagine Roxanne being the more outspoken one and Jasmine being the shy one. Opposites attract?

WhiteSquareShipping (Hilda x Rosa) - They both give off such different vibes in their character designs despite both being brunette female protagonists from the B&W games. I like to imagine Hilda being more tomboyish and wise while Rosa is more girly and airheaded. Once again, opposites attract.

BiddyShipping (Agatha x Bertha) - I imagine that Bertha's down-to-earth personality would help reign in Agatha's tough and bitter personality. I also like to imagine that maybe they have some kind of history together - perhaps they were once lovers when they were young but parted ways and reunited again in their twilight years? (Plot bunny ahoy!)
Aug 10, 2017
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- PokeShipping (Ash x Misty)
This is my OTP. I shipped this way before I even knew what shipping meant. The hints, the bickering but then showing obvious signs of attraction... This shipping has always been the most important shipping to me and I can't see that ever being any other way.

Shippings I'm seriously invested in:

- JoyShockShipping (Ash's Pikachu x Misty's Togetic)
I love the interactions between Pikachu and Togepi. Of course Pikachu's protectiveness can be explained by the fact that Togepi is a child. However, I see it differently. In the episode where Ash got Totodile, Pikachu refused to battle Togepi and refused to attack. You could say this is because Togepi couldn't battle, but Ash's Phanphy battled while being a newborn baby. I think Pikachu didn't want to attack his crush.

- LeafWhipShipping (Ash's Bulbasaur x Ash's Bayleef)

I like this headcanon where Bayleef feels terrible at Oak's laboratory, and then Bulbasaur helps Bayleef to feel more at home. During the process, the two fall in love. I actually named this shipping and got it on the big shipping list with all the shipping names.

- HandymanShipping (Tracey x Daisy)
I love their interactions in Chronicles. While Daisy is normally the second most unlikeable character in the show to me (aside from Lily and Violet), she suddenly acts nice around Tracey. And he does awful chores he certainly wouldn't do for Ash and Misty...

- LuckShipping (Brock x Lucy)
I loved how Lucy actually likes Brock back in the Battle Frontier episode. Lucy is too good for him, but still...

- NotYourRivalShipping (Chaz x Lisia)

A shipping based on the OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire games. It's obvious how Chaz is into Lisia, and I have this headcanon where Lisia might or might not like him back but is way too dense to realize it.

Nice, but not that important to me:

- AppealShipping (Zoey x Dawn)
The only Dawn shipping that actually interests me. Zoey brushing Dawns hair was adorable, and Zoey seems more like a mentor to Dawn than a real rival. If there are some feelings, those can definitely develop in this kind of mentoring friendship.

- ContestShipping (May x Drew)

The hints were strong and I loved the love/hate feeling that somewhat reminds me of PokeShipping, my OTP.

- RocketShipping (James x Jessie)

Despite the constant fighting, you can see how much they still care. Especially in some earlier episodes, there are some moments that might be seen as hints. It's not that important to me, but still fun.

- SoulShipping (Morty x Sabrina)

Mostly based on this fanfic, and I love their backstories and abilities in the anime and think those would match nicely.

- WishfulShipping (Cilan x Iris)

I barely saw the BW anime anymore, but it still just feels right in some fics I read.

- One-sided AltoShipping (Ash x Latias) from Latias's side
Latias's crush on Ash was adorable. However, I would never support this two-sided.

- One-sided ChikoShipping (Ash x Bayleef) from Bayleef's side

Bayleef's crush on Ash was adorable. However, I would never support this two-sided.

- One-sided KissShipping (Ash x Melody) from Melody's side

Melody took a liking to Ash in the Pokemon 2000 movie. I like the idea of her realising Ash will be with Misty, but secretly liking him as well. And maybe even competing with Misty, and losing because Ash prefers Misty. I wouldn't ship this two-sided, but one-sided in conjuction with PokeShipping, it can definitely be nice.

Crack shippings, fun but that's it:

- AtmosShipping (Falkner x Skyla)
Both of them like bird Pokemon and have a huge amount of fans who think they are hot. Love might be in the air during a romantic ride on Falkner's Pidgeot.

- ElderShipping (Professor Oak x Delia Ketchum)

Since we don't know who Ash's father is and who Gary's grandmother is, there might be some options open. They are seen together unusually often and it would just be so awesome to see how Ash would respond if these two would announce they are getting together or even getting married.

- FabulousShipping (Wallace x Juan)

Both have Water Pokemon, are fabulous and elegant and Juan mentored Wallace. I could see some feelings developing if they would be interested in each other. If they would meet again, those feelings might develop into something serious.

- GrassShipping (James x Gardenia)

This is pure crack, but when Gardenia got Cacnea from James, I thought about this. Gardenia's Grass-type obsession is so cute, and James would understand how obsessive passions feel, knowing how much he likes bottle caps. And James also has a thing for Grass Pokemon, especially ones that hurt him. I could see James and Gardenia bonding and getting together eventually.

- MiakaneShipping (Whitney x Jasmine)
Jasmine's shy nature and Whitney's happy, outgoing nature could be a nice, interesting contrast in a relationship that could work...

- ScreenShipping (Cleavon Schpielbunk's Wigglytuff x Misty's Psyduck)
Wigglytuff being a b*tch, but then genuinely being worried when Psyduck is tired after fighting Team Rocket... Simply adorable!

- SelfdestructShipping (Lt. Surge x Blaine)
I like the idea of Surge being a tough, masculine guy who just wants to get things over with, and then Blaine trolling him with his riddles. Surge won't admit it, but secretly enjoys it.

- SmugShipping (Lt. Surge's Raichu x Erika's Gloom)

That Raichu is adorable, but arrogant. It needs a calm, smelly Gloom to set him straight. I submitted this for the big shipping list with all shipping names.

- One-sided ApprenticeShipping (Professor Oak x Tracey) from Tracey's side
I could enjoy the idea of Tracey having a one-sided crush on Oak, based on the episode where Ash, Misty and Tracey returned to Pallet Town after Ash won the Orange League trophy.
Dec 28, 2007
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Maya/Franziska (Ace Attorney)

They’re my two favourite girls from the Ace Attorney Game series. You wouldn’t believe that they’re the same age. They both have strong believes and an interesting family background. I love Maya’s cheerful attitude and Franziska’s determination to be perfect. It’s a mixture of opposites attract and similarities spark. They don’t interact as much as I would like to, but I think it would be a mixture of kinkyness, comedy and sweetness. I would consider this to be my ultimate OTP. It makes me happy and gives me a reason to be creative.

Cilan/Iris (Pokemon)

I haven’t seen a lot of BW anime, but Cilan and Iris in the games are fabulous. I love their personalities and I think the two of them compliment each other in every way to the point where I find it hard to imagine them separated.

Link/Zelda (The Legend Of Zelda)

I’ve been exposed to the pair for a long time. In nearly every version of the Zelda games, Link tries to save the day and Princess Zelda. Link has gone through hell and back just for her and I love how Zelda always believes in him and comes in many forms to help him on his way. ZeLink is just an iconic pairing in my eyes.

Chisato/Miyu (Vampire Princess Miyu)

This ship introduced same sex shippings to me. I started shipping them right from the moment the met each other. I thought it was such a cute pairing at the beginning and loved how they were close friends. After all these years since I’ve last saw it and after the dramatic twist, I still haven’t changed my mind about this pairing.

TK/Kari (Digimon)

This was one of the first ships I ever supported. I have been shipping this since I was nine, I’m 16 now so that would make it seven years now. Well Apart from all the light and hope complimenting each other, I really liked both of their characters and it was kinda cute the way the pair of them seemed close.

Shuichi/Yuki (Gravitation)

I love Gravitation and I think their chemistry is explosive, but when they return to their senses it can be gentle and intimate. I think Shuichi and Eiri would have been one of those rare celebrity couples that would actually go the distance and survive. While it is an unhealthy relationship, I also think they are the most unique and most memorable couple in any other anime I’ve seen.

Tyson/Kai (Beyblade)

I really liked the idea of them as rivals at first and I liked how slowly they started to become friends. Throughout the three series, their relationship with each other went up and down. The battle at episode 30 was highly entertaining, and then all this stuff about the stars and the two of them in their own little world and with Kai explaining why he couldn’t choose Tyson as his partner. I think the scene was perfect and the whole ending was perfect. I used to be a very active member in a Kaitaka forum.

Lorcan/Grace (Vampirates)

If you have not read Vampirates, I strongly suggest you do. The plot is excellent and the relationship between Lorcan and Grace has a lot of tension and makes you want more and more. Even though Grace is hard willed and wants to do things on her own, Lorcan eventually comes overprotective. I think it’s one of the most highly developed couples and relationships I ever read, on top of that it’s a creative book series and I loved seeing their relationship blossom.

Henry VIII/Anne Boleyn (The Tudors)

I have a hard time choosing between Jane and Anne with Henry as my OTP, but I feel as if I have made up my mind and I think Henry/Anne is my OTP in The Tudors as I think Showtime did an amazing job with the cast and the writing and made me feel I can ship these two together. I also ship Henry & Anne in other versions as well as the historical version. I just thing it’s a very exciting pair that really keeps me interested.

Ron/Hermione (Harry Potter)

This always seemed like fate for me. I love their characters and they always seemed to be a perfect match. When I first got into the series, I had a gut feeling they were going to be canon. The epilogue in Deathly Hallows really satisfied me after everything they’ve been through together.

Other pairs I like
Nov 5, 2016
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AlternatePalletShipping (Game!Ash/Gary) - Or Red/Green or whatever.
Ash and Red are clearly different characters, so the correct is Red/Green and the paring name is Namelessshipping
A. unless you like a crossover universe ship (?)