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I have two:

When battling N's Spring team, his Starmie's Ice Beam freezes my Pokémon three times in a row, even after defrosting my 'mon on the field!

And finally, when breeding for a female Absol with Super Luck in Black 2. Attempt 1: four eggs result in this:

Only one (a male) has Super Luck. The other three (1 female, 2 male) have Pressure! And the mother has Super Luck! There's supposed to be an 80% chance for the Ability to pass down, right!?

Edit: Okay, make that three moments.

When EV training in Giant Chasm, I came across a Shiny Piloswine. Decided to catch that thing, and went on. Almost a month later, I EV train in Route 14. Shiny Mienfoo. Seriously? 2 Shiny encounters almost four weeks apart? That hardly ever happens. Both were legit Shinies, too.
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One time I was going down Cycling Road in FireRed hatching some Eggs, I decide to pass through the grass. I see a Pokémon I had never seen before (Suicune) and catch it in a Master Ball (without even knowing it would flee). Jump the ledge, egg hatches, Shiny Eevee. No sort of help was given to make that Eevee shiny.

Shiny Shuckle in the Battle Factory in Emerald and Shiny Graveler I met with Buck in Pearl that Exploded :boom:

My friend claims (and I wasn't there to confirm that no cheats were involved, but it's possible) that in about two hours of chaining he caught FOUR Shiny Starly in DPPt

My cousin was obsessed with Shinies for a long time and eager to eventually find one... Male Combee.

I'm pretty sure I put two (cheated) Shiny Sceptile in the daycare once and got a Shiny Snorunt.

There are probably a ton more but I don't remember them.
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Blues Blastoise in PWT champions tour. Every time it appears it seems to magically outspeed and one hit water sprout my whole team.

Seriously its a fat turtle they ment to be slow how does it outspeed a gengar....I still to this day dont understand it...
Blues Blastoise in PWT champions tour. Every time it appears it seems to magically outspeed and one hit water sprout my whole team.

Seriously its a fat turtle they ment to be slow how does it outspeed a gengar....I still to this day dont understand it...

Probably a Choice Scarf, though I don't see the Champions Tournament listing Blue as having a Blastoise.

Also, for anyone who is amazed when 6 Evasion rises doesn't stop Sheer Cold/Horn Drill/Fissure/Guillotine from missing, they have no effect on those moves.

"Fissure ignores all changes to accuracy and evasion stats. " from Fissure's Bulbapedia page.
I offer up a Deoxys for trade last night and check the status this morning. When I get on GTS, I get the slow moving clock then a blue screen that says "Communication Error. Please turn off the power." I hit the home key, pop back into Black 2 and check again. Instead of seeing a Poke Ball dropping from the sky, I get this message: "Deoxys was not traded." And there the little snot is, sitting in a PC box. My reaction: What. The. SLAG?! :conangry:

He's back up for offer so we'll see what happens. I have never had that happen to me before, though.
When I played Pokémon Yellow when I was younger, I trained a Pidgeot until it reached level 50 at the third gym. Nevertheless, that damn Raichu OHKO it with one Thunderbolt...

Another one was with Riley on Iron Island, a shiny Graveler appeared, and Riley HAD to defeat it!
Training outside Diamonds pal park and a wild grotle appears.
I've got a few:

Found a wild Bulbasaur in Crystal version, sadly no pokeballs on hand as I was training.

Me and a friend were linking our Crystal versions (for whatever reason), and the game glitched up, leaving me in a NPC-less world where I found a red Gyarados named Pidgey in the wild.

I once started Crystal with a Totodile, which evolved into a Croconaw at level 21, then never evolved again (even at 30).

I started battle with Lugia in HG and threw a heavy ball to catch it instantly. Not too amazing, but I was dumbstruck at the time.
Catching half of all the legendaries in W2 with second or third ball.
I have tried to catch Zapdos like ten times and it never works.
My Simisear surviving an Earthquake from a Sawk on the same lvl.
The other guy when he fire blasts my ferrothorn in the sun and with charzard both EV trained and survive with half health come at me bro!
I was fighting Sabrina in the PWT, and my EV trained, perfect speed IV Weavile was outsped by her Alakazam.
I mean, seriously. How?
I lost a 42 win streak at the Battle Factory because a Jynx hit five Focus Blasts in a row.

I also lost a huge win streak at the Battle Tower because a Bastiodon hit two Fissures in a row and my Scizor's Bullet Punch missed when it only had +1 Evasion.

Also my Subway Team of Heracross, Hydreigon, and Metagross got swept by a Defensive Vespiquen.

Everything to do with the PWT. Almost every move that the opponent did in the Johto PWT was a critical hit. Why.
Steven pulling a million full restores out of NOWHERE! I swear the post game bosses in Emerald are literally made of full restores.
When cleaning my PC in Black 1, I had my Gyarados judged. This one was bought from the Magikarp salesman as a Magikarp.

Relatively superior? That's cool. But perfect Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed? For one that's bought from the Magikarp salesman? How is that possible?? Note: no hacks were used in the making of this Gyarados.
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