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Your unpopular music/film/tv opinons

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You know what Last Man Standing reminds me of? All in the Family, but without any of the wit and charm. It's such a garbage show and I seem to be the only one who dislikes it.
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I've seen bits of Steven Spielberg's 1941, and I...actually am laughing at the racist humor being used against my compatriots! :D
I thought Inglorious Bastards wasn't that great. The scenes with Brad Pitt and Christoph Waltz were great, but the rest of the movie ... not so much.

I don't like the Walking Dead. I think the zombie trope is overdone and I just don't like the characters.

I don't like the Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Mother - even though my friends love those shows.

The Beatles were good recording artists, but I wouldn't go as far as to call them the best band ever.

I am not a fan of The Rock.

C.M. Punk is a d-bag.
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There's a theme with these, because my co-worker and I got into a discussion on it recently.

* Despite not being royalty, I think Mulan absolutely should remain in the Disney Princess line, and be considered a princess.

* Elena of Avalor doesn't count as a "Hispanic Disney Princess" because the line-up only uses movies, and movies churn out bigger bucks/sell more merchandise.

* We need more WOC in the Disney Princess line-up - that includes an actual princess from Asia, and a Hispanic princess who isn't Elena.

* I want a lesbian Disney princess.

I know a lot of people feel this way, but putting under "unpopular" because it seems every time I or my friends say these things, we get a ton of people jumping out at us, yelling that us for complaining too much, or "be happy with what there is!" or something. And no, it's not enough and I'm not going to be happy with what there is, because they should be better. Kids deserve better and so do women.
Prime Minister of Shoyo 昇陽国内閣総理大臣
I am increasing wishing that Olympic footages are gone entirely from TV. Thank goodness ABC New 24 (Australian Broadcast Corporation) shows actual news and the Olympics are just one part of it.
We need more sport and more Olympics. The world always gets together cause sport. Sport is amazing.
Also crappy reality TV shows are amazingly fun and there should be more of them on TV cause it is awesome social trash.
Star Trek:
-I think that the United Federation of Planets is a Human-Centrist anti-transhuman Fascist Society. While I can understand that there is back-end reasoning for this (they cant have too many people in make up for alien characters) but considering how many people are playing human, its a reasonable view point, at least for me.
-I think Voyager is a good idea and had potential but ruined by the writers not knowing what to do with the series as a whole. And while DS9 had probably the best moments in the Star Trek TV Series, the writers were too confined by Roddenberry's 'idea' that the United Federation of Planets is a utopian society without any formal need or use of a military and missed out on a opportunity to have the UFP create a formal military to combat the Dominion and any other future threats
-I'm not sure how unpopular this is but I honestly think Q fits into the joker archetype and pretty much is the biggest troll within the entirety of Star Trek series. Why? Because I honestly think that what he said early in TNG (I think) that what he said about "humanity surpassing the Q Continuum" (or something along the lines of that) is pretty much a lie to stroke Picard's Ego and only interfering to state his boredom and just be a massive dick to humanity

-I don't think that the 007 movies are that good. Don't know why but it's maybe its the fact that I am not into spy movies. I will admit that this is slightly ironic since I graduated High School in 2007
-I think the Mysteries of Laura is pretty good and should have one more season just to deal with the conflict between Laura and Jake, any unanswered questions and loose ends
-While I can somewhat respect South Park's "offend everyone" approach to comedy, if they remove Cartman, the show will be tolerable for me
-Doctor Ken started off good but became more boring as the season went on. Not sure 100% why on this. Not sure how unpopular this is (might be just me), I think Ken Jeong created the show to have a show that serves as a wet dream in TV Show form for every doctor in existence
-I do not like the Jurassic Park Movies due to them giving me a mild fear and general dislike of frilled lizards
-I don't like the Lord of the Ring and the Hobbit movies
Incandescently Illuminating
I'm pretty sure this will be unpopular: the panellists on QI at least half of the time bring down what should be an interesting and reasonably enlightening show to a bath of wilful ignorance. There's nothing more annoying than watching four comics trying to shout each other down while they continue a stupid running joke until they've wrung it dry of any kind of humour. Assuming it had any humour in the first place.
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I do not care about the Nostalgia Critic. He made fun of people with autism, and you know I'm real sensitive about that (I'm high-functioning myself, diagnosed since I was 3).
I'm also high-functioning and sensitive about it (it's one of the reasons I'm very insecure in myself), but I still like him. He actually deeply regrets doing and apologized for it on one of his "top 11 fuck-ups" videos, so I forgave him.

However, I used to enjoy Adventure Time greatly, but I was upset when they turned Lemongrab from an amusing nutjob into a horrible psychopath. Considering he's stated to be "autistic" by his creator, I got upset that they turned the only autistic character in the show (aside from his clone, who was just there to die) into an irredeemable villain. As a "bonus," it completely tossed out the character development he was getting, which sucked after seeing how well they developed Ice King. The reason I've never been able to get back into it because they never apologized for it like the Critic did.
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I honestly don't think Adventure Time is that good of a show in and of itself.

Also, I saw Disney's Beauty and the Beast, and while I do like it and respect the impact it had at the time of its release, I think Aladdin and Hunchback are better movies. Plus, I absolutely hated that "Gaston" song. God, the person singing it was annoying!
A Bug's Life is among my top 3 Pixar movies.

The Incredibles was... alright. Superhero movies were never my genre anyway.

The reason I stopped hearing Top 40 songs about 7-8 years ago was because the songs all sounded the same to me.