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Mafia Yu-Gi-Oh! Go Rush Mafia - Endgame, Town + Informant Victory!

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Night One Start

Final Votals:
Pikochu (5) - Princess Abigail, JamieIsBored, Eri!, Minish, Mela
KingofDominaria (5) - Andoryu Teito, Mint Elv, ExLight, Quasar_Catfish, Potato-6
No Lynch (1) - RavenRaziel98

The citizens of Mutsuba town gathered for the day, certain that someone here was trying to stir up trouble. While fingers were being pointed, one alien-- or perhaps many aliens-- floated about, learning what they could. Finally, the creatures formed as one, satisfied.

"Well, you all seem to be having fun here, but we think we've found what we need too." The some of the people gave Fisher the side-eye as they spoke, but as the fish dispersed, there was nothing they could do to stop it.

Dear RavenRaziel98, you are:


Fisher Sky.

You are a hivemind of small flying, fish-like creatures, who can come together to form someone generally human-shaped Thanks to the small size of your component creatures, you can get just about anywhere you like, meaning you have the capacity to access just about any information under the sun. Or not under the sun, for that matter; you've spent your share of time in space. And if there's something you don't know, you can get your hands on that knowledge by trading your information with someone who does.

Your role is the Informant. You start the game with the knowledge that the following other role exists in the game.


Each day, you may submit a guess as to which player holds this role: this guess can be changed as many times as you like as it will be processed at the end of the day (before the lynch). You may not guess dead players.

In order to help you determine who has the role you are searching for, each night you may give someone an anonymous tip by selecting one piece of mechanical information you have access to to be shared with them, in exchange for learning one of the following at random:
-All players the tipped player has visited
-If the tipped player has any outside chats
-The tipped player's character

Information considered "mechanical" for the purposes of this ability are your target role and any information learned through this ability.

You are aligned with yourself and win when you successfully identify who has your target role, at which point you will exit the game.
RavenRaziel98 has won and left the game! He was Fisher Sky, the self-aligned Informant!

After a brief pause, one of the remaining people spoke up. "Well then, back to it," they said. "Manya needs to go."

Some gave cries of "what?!" and that that was unfair, while others spoke in agreement. One removed a coin from their pocket, remembering that earlier, they'd decided they'd flip it if they couldn't agree, but the original speaker snatched it away.

"No need," they declared. "What I say goes."

And in spite of some objections, that's what occured.

Dear Pikochu, you are:


Manya Atachi.

You attended preschool in Mutsuba town, alongside Yuamu Ohdo, but soon moved away to become a child actress, starring in a number of commercials and well-known productions. Though when you returned recently for a shooting of a show you put on a more "lost in the fame" persona, you haven't ever forgotten your home or old friends.

That said, you do love the attention that comes with your work. As such, you are the Attention Seeker. Each night, you may target another player to bring them into your spotlight; any actions used on you will be copied onto them as well.

You are aligned with town and win when all threats are eliminated.
Pikochu has been lynched! He was Manya Atachi, the town-aligned Attention Seeker!

It is now Night One. Night One will end at 3 PM CDT on September 15th.
How does Night work? Are we not allowed to talk in thread or something? Or are there no restrictions for sharing information in thread.
Speaking at Night is permitted; during the night you can submit any night actions you might have and Mafia does their nightkill
Gg Raven! That was a fast win.
Yes that was a good win.

He said he used it on me and he said the redacted role sounded Townie.

I may have completely unintentionally helped Raven because I am going to say it straight: The Serial Killer stuff was a complete bluff.

Yet it still make Raven search for me and be correct.
Has everything you said about your role been a bluff or just this about the SK?

I have nothing to counter a Serial Killer.

The win condition states “all threats” must be eliminated, so I thought the mention of the Serial Killer and that I was opposed to them might get bring them out to try to get me lynched.

Obviously that plan failed because I am too perfect to be lynched.

I have nothing to counter a Serial Killer.

The win condition states “all threats” must be eliminated, so I thought the mention of the Serial Killer and that I was opposed to them might get bring them out to try to get me lynched.

Obviously that plan failed because I am too perfect to be lynched.
Ex: Mela voting me and asking him if he was a Serial Killer to pressure him.

Me being worried of being Hustler read too much is the Serial Killer backing off.

All the chess pieces were placed to rat the Independent out and lynch them, but they ended up making them win instead and they were non-hostile.

Allah is the best of planners.
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