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Mafia Yu-Gi-Oh! Go Rush Mafia - Endgame, Town + Informant Victory!

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Eh, Bochi is a dog. Watch dog. Feel like they would be Watcher. Bodyguard even.

Anyway, if i die in 6 minutes, hope you know what happens next.
Hmm, maybe there are other characters who could fit those roles if they are in the game, like Nyandestar or Manabu.
Mint or Abigail
I'm surprised you're suspecting Minish and Zexy
Not necessarily suspecting, just want your thoughts on them as more TR’d players.
I am not even sure if Bochi is in the game.

If I had to pick 6 town characters, it would certainly be Yudias Manabu Asaka then maybe Rovian and Ranran and Nyandestar?

Plus 3 mafia characters, Zwijo and 2 more.
I'm surprised Manya was a character in the game, to be honest. Why don't you think the twins are in the game though?
Day 2 Start

The citizens of Mutsuba Town were all restless after the previous day-- after what had happened with Manya. When they gathered this morning, each steeled themselves, sure that such a mistake must not be repeated.

But where they gathered, someone was lying on the ground. Hesitantly, someone bent down and shook her shoulder. "Yuuna?" they said. "Are you... are you alright?" Another, less gentle person, approached and kicked her, hoping to jostle the collapsed girl. Nothing.

The person crouched down and nervously placed two fingers on the side of her neck. After a few moments, their eyes widened.


Dear Potato-6, you are:


Yuuna Goha.

You are the president of the Goha Company, a small company based in Mutsuba Town. Though your business is small, you are savvy and knowledgeable, and you have connections. One of these conntections is Asaka Mutsuba, the president of Mutsuba Heavy Machinery, a much more powerful corporation than yours.

In spite of your company's size, you're able to use your connections as a Businesswoman for a variety of things. Using your position, you are able to attempt to bribe people with any of the following one-shot abilities: a vigilante shot, a cop shot, and a neighborizer shot. Each night, you may target a player: select one of the aforementioned abilities, and another remaining player. The target player will be notified that, should the end the day voting for the other player, they will receive the selected ability, which they will be able to use in addition to their standard night action.

You are aligned with town and win when all threats are eliminated.
Potato-6 has died! They were Yuuna Goha, the town-aligned Businesswoman!

It is now Day Two. Day Two will end at 3 PM CDT on September 17th.

Ouch, I thought Potato was Asaka because of that Owner post...

Oh well, Asaka can be Abigail Double Voter now

Not sure I should say who I think is Manabu yet, or Yudias
How did Raven know about Neighborizer? Yeah Vig and other forms of OC do exist, as well as something investigative, apparently Jamie self-watchered or something
Shocking kill with a worrying result.

The light dims with a dead Hustler.

Did the Mafia target Potato-6 because they were a safe bet to kill from all the KoD voters?

Why has KoD not been subbed out yet?
Game state is 10 players, 7-3. Feeling very OK for Minish and Eri! and guessed claims are good for 3 more ppl. That is 6 town... I need to town read well enough 1 more for auto, ugh.

There are two lynches I am OK with atm, and two I am "eh" on. Not gonna say yet though, since I am sufficiently town read, I would rather let others cast first votes, plus claim any relevant action stuff.

I kinda need to PoE out who visited Jamie too...
Another two days spent on KoD would be pretty dull.

Vote: Mint Elv

Do some work. Hustle your body.

I want more from you until I am satisfied.
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