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Zavvi releases New Pokémon Snap inspired summer lineup

If there's one certainty as a Pokémon fan, it's that you'll never be short of options to fill your wardrobe with your fandom. In what hopes to be the latest addition to that overflowing wardrobe, UK based Zavvi has launched a new Pokémon: Vacation Vibes clothing range in celebration of the release of New Pokémon Snap.

The clothing from this new lineup features photo snaps of fan-favourite Pokémon including Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, and Eevee, all chilling out and having fun on holiday in a tropical setting reminiscent of some of the locales from the Lental region.

Perhaps ironically, Zavvi refers to the images on this new shirt range as "Polaroid style photos" in their press releases. You'd have to imagine Fujifilm would've preferred that called them Instax photos, given the company's recent collaboration with Nintendo and New Pokémon Snap for the Instax app and upcoming limited edition printer. Of course, given that Zavvi sells Polaroid products and doesn't sell any from Fujifilm, perhaps this come as much of a surprise.

The entire line comes in unisex fit, to suit Pokéfans of all ages, genders, and builds. As with all of Zavvi's releases, international shipping is available, so there should be no problems for Pokéfans around the world getting their hands on this collection, or on any of the other Pokémon goods the company stocks. For a limited time, Zavii are also offering a discount on New Pokémon Snap for anyone purchasing one of these t-shirts.

Speaking of goods, alongside this new summer lineup, Zavvi have also announced pre-orders for the Great Ball replicas from The Wand Company. All customers pre-ordering through Zavvi will also receive an official Pokémon t-shirt for free together with their order.

A second production batch of the original Poké Ball replicas recently shipped, while a third wave is now available for pre-order, with an expected shipping date at the end of June.