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Mafia Zexy Games Mafia II - Endgame - 23/4/2017

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Fire Chicken
Jun 9, 2012
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Zexy Games Mafia II
It's All About Zexy... again

Welcome to Zexy Games Mafia II, a non-special occasion game hosted by yours truly (not Yours Truly). In this game we will thank this mafia game host and commemorate his best games, as each player will get a role PM after his games with a role from a game of theirs.

The game will obviously be a mishmash of all the memorable (and sometimes crazy) roles I've included in my games. As such it shall be Role Madness. It will also be Bastard. The game will have 15 players.

This intro is shamelessly stolen from the original Zexy Games Mafia OP then changed for the purposes of this game; don't expect to talk to myself in 3rd person anymore :) But yes, I still felt like doing it as this game is sequel to the previous one; this is another semi-open game whose roles have appeared before, which adds an extra layer to scumhunting.

The 15 games represented will be:
1 Sockpuppet Mafia 2016
2 Greek Mythology Mafia
3 Zexy Games Mafia
4 ABCs Mafia
5 Holiday Mafia 2016
6 Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V: Xyz Dimension Mafia
7 Little Town of Salem
8 Pokemon Sun/Moon Mafia
9 Random Messages Mafia 2
10 Shop Mafia
11 Baccano! Mafia
12 Zexy Games II Mafia
13 Street Fight
14 No Effort Mafia
15 Everybody is Jester Mafia (also known as Spring Mafia)

The game will start after Shop/Baccano! are over but within the 20-day limit. There might be setup adjustments if that can't happen or there aren't enough players, you will know which represented games will be cut beforehand.

1. Forum Rules and War Room Rules always apply.
2. Day phases will last 48 hours (and Night phases will last 24 hours, unless phases get shortened as discussed in rule 9. Votes and actions will be locked as soon as the deadline for each phase passes. Votes/actions at :00 count, those at :01 don't. If the host(s) are sure that they won't be able to update, they may extend the phase in question straight from the beginning.
3. Please be active. You may be subbed out if you haven't made a game-relevant action for 72 hours. If no sub is available to take your place, or you keep not performing game-relevant actions for the next 72 hours, you may be modkilled. The aforementioned deadlines may be shortened on the host(s)' discretion, in case where waiting for that long would disrupt game integrity too much.
4. Nameclaiming isn't allowed. No quoting or screenshots of any conversation with the host. This includes exact wincon wording and posting fake data that supposedly comes from said sources.
5. If you change your username mid-game, please state your old and new ones in-thread and mention the host(s).
6. To vote, use the following format: "VOTE: <PLAYER>". To unvote, use "UNVOTE: <PLAYER>". A tie in the plurality of votes will result in No Lynch.
7. Rules are subject to change. The host(s) will make sure to mention you if that happens. Your Role PM may also list exceptions to any of these rules.
8. No loophole abuse at all, please. You may ask the host(s) if a specific action you are unsure over would be considered a loophole in private and they may let it slide. However, obvious loopholes that are clearly outside the nature of the game abused without informing the host(s) beforehand may be faced with a zero-tolerance policy.
9. For non -LO day phases, HYPER-MAJORITY rules are in place. This means that if, at any given time in such a Day phase, at least 2/3 of the players alive are voting for the same person, the phase will end early with a lynch on that person.
-LO day phases (in which town's lynch decision may lead to them losing the game before the next day phase begins) will be announced. Details on the nature of the -LO state will be given in the Day phase update. MAJORITY rules are in place for said phases. This means that if, at any given time in a Day phase, more than 1/2 of the players alive are voting for the same person, the phase will end early with a lynch on that person.
Day phases may also end sooner if all the players alive are voting for a player or No Lynch.
Night phases may also end sooner if people with night actions lock their submissions in a way that leads to an inevitable outcome.
10. Outside communication (that is, communication that occurs outside of this thread) is permitted. Please make sure to include us in any OC chats you may have during the game.
11. After dying in the game, you may post more but said posts may not contain game-relevant information.
12. If the game has no deaths for 4 consecutive phases because of continuous No Lynches in the day phases followed by factions with kills purposely idling them in the night phases, or if the game has reached a stalemate state, the game will end as a tie for the parties involved.
13. The most important rule. Have fun!


1 @Max1996 - Hades (Greek Mythology Mafia) - Independent Godfather 1x Bulletproof Serial Killer - Lynched Day 1 - WON THE GAME!
2 @Elementar @HumanDawn Rich Townie (Shop Mafia) - Town Rich Townie - Survived in Endgame - WON THE GAME!

3 @Skullcrow Szilard Quates, Huey Laforet and Chane Laforet (Baccano! Mafia) - Mafia IMMORTAL A-Godfather Rolecop B-Ascetic Jailor C-Granny - Lynched Day 3
4 @jdthebud Lillie & Nebby (Pokemon Sun & Moon Mafia) - Town Nights 1-2 Commuter, Nights 5+ 1x Strongman Vigilante + CHOOSE ONE: Bulletproof Poisonproof OR Untargettable Bleeder - Survived in Endgame - WON THE GAME!
5 @SoaringLooker @Elieson Player (ABCs Mafia) - Independent A-Cop B-Vanilla C-Goon (Serial Killer) - Won Night 3 - WON THE GAME!

6 @Rainbow Cloud Antiochus IV (Holiday Mafia 2016) - Mafia Bulletproof 1x Lynch Redirector Roleblocker - Lynched Day 4
7 @Midorikawa Godfather (Street Fight) - Independent Godfather 1x Vigilante 1x Delayed Suit Bearer - Won Night 3 - WON THE GAME!
8 @MegaPod12 Minene Uryu the Ninth (Zexy Games Mafia) - Town Commuter Bomb Restless Spirit - Commited Suicide Day 2 - WON THE GAME!
9 @AussieEevee returnofMCH (Random Messages Mafia 2) - Town Doctor - Killed Night 2 - Revived with Reset - Killed Night 3 - WON THE GAME!
10 @Lone_Garurumon Townie (No Effort Mafia) - Town Stat Voter - Killed Night 2 - Revived with Reset - Survived in Endgame - WON THE GAME!
11 @DarthWolf13
Minene Uryu the Ninth (Zexy Games Mafia II) - Town Commuter Bomb Restless Spirit - Killed Day 2 - WON THE GAME!
12 @Iteru Serial Killer (Little Town of Salem) - Independent Town of Salem Serial Killer - Lynched Day 2 - WON THE GAME!
13 @HumanDawn April Fool (Everybody is Jester Mafia/Spring Mafia) - Independent Voteless Jester - Killed Night 1
14 @Pika_pika42 Kaito Tenjo (Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V: Xyz Dimension Mafia) - Town 1x Vigilante - Killed Night 3 - WON THE GAME!
15 @CheffOfGames @Sword Master Mr. Resetti (Sockpuppet Mafia 2016) - Town 1x Phase Resetter - Survived in Endgame - WON THE GAME!


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Just some random guy on a random site
Dec 6, 2016
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So... if I understand it correctly it has a role of all of the above games right? If so, there will be voteless fool that will end the game.

Also, I'm going to sub for the moment, if I have more time before the game begins (I currently have a total of 5 ongoing games and signups) I'd love to switch to player.
Filtration Fairy
Nov 20, 2016
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Oh, what the heck? I'll try joining this.
Minty Fresh
Oct 16, 2013
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With my elimination from Shop mafia, I'll change to player please.
Just some random guy on a random site
Dec 6, 2016
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I will switch from sub to player. I'll just risk playing more games at the moment.
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