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Mafia Zinn's Future Mafia Game Mafia - Game End (29/09/2020)

Original Post - 10/09/2020
Save me!
Nov 6, 2018
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Hello and welcome to Zinn’s Future Mafia Game Mafia, I am your host, Zinn Lavender! My Co-Host & Moderator on Duty is DarthWolf.

This game has an interesting premise. This is based around all the Mafia games I think I could end up hosting. The winning game will go on to become the next Mafia game I host!
Each player will be assigned a Game rather than a character and will have a role that has something to do with the theme of the game. The only clue you have to guessing what kind of games there are is simply to figure out what kind of games I would host (I’ll give you a hint: Japan)

I hope you enjoy this fun little side project Darth and I came up with!

My standard set of rules, main change is that I'd request that if you want to abstain from a Night Action (say you're a 1x shot power or something and don't want to use it), just give me a heads up so I know you're actually around to not submit it on purpose, instead of like forgetting or something. Helps me with Night Actions getting submitted too and can let me plan flavour text in advance. Of course you can always change your mind later, as with any action, but this way things work out more smoothly.
  1. All global forum & TWR rules apply, this should go without saying.
  2. The Day Phase shall last for 48 hours and the Night Phase shall last for 24 hours. Votes and actions will be locked as soon as the deadline for each phase passes. Votes/actions at :00 count, those at :01 don't. I may expedite a phase if the majority of players agree.
  3. Please remain active, it’s no fun when someone isn’t. If you’re unable to play let me know so I can find a sub or remove you from the game swiftly. If you don’t make any indication you’re still playing after two phases pass you will be subbed out or modkilled. If you intend to abstain from a Night Action, please let me know too, so I don’t mark you as inactive
  4. Any username changes should be mentioned in thread to myself and all living players so we can all keep up.
  5. Outside communication aside from chats I create are not permitted.
  6. You may not claim your Character or Alias. You may however claim your role and action. You cannot post pictures of or directly copy your role PM. Use your own words.
  7. I would ask deceased players to remain quiet after they have died, they may leave dying words however, as long as they aren’t useful to the living. If you would like to join a dead chat, say so in your final post.
  8. To vote during a Day Phase use VOTE: [Player], if you change your mind you can unvote using UNVOTE: [Player]
  9. In the event of a vote draw by the end of the phase, the lynch will be decided by a random number generator. If players are tied with only one vote on them, it will be a no-lynch.
  10. No loophole abuse, if you find something let me know privately, I may reward you.
  11. These rules are subject to change at any time, in the event that they do, I will make all players aware of this fact.
  12. Oh and have fun, if you don’t you get modkilled

Our Players:
  1. @KenderCharmeleon - Won Day Three - Tokyo Ghoul:re Mafia, the Game Role Selector & Vote Collector
  2. @jamiebearcub - Lynched Day Three - Re:Zero Mafia, the 1x Janitor & Godfather
  3. @Frozen Fennec - Won Day Four - Valkyria Chronicles Mafia, the Gamer with Doctor
  4. @Blaine. - Won Day Four - Steins;Gate Mafia, the Mirror
  5. @Dio_Brando1886 @Jinjo - Won Day Four - Soul Eater Mafia, the Bodyguard
  6. @Midorikawa - Died Night One - Astral Chain Mafia, the Gamer with Roleblocker
  7. @Rainbow Cloud - Lynched Day Four - Overlord Mafia, the Role Cop
  8. @Max1996 - Died Night Two - Aldnoah Zero Mafia, the Watcher
  9. @Zachie - Lynched Day Two - Sword Art Online Mafia, the Gamer with Tracker
  10. @AlienXotic - Won Day Four - Psycho-Pass Mafia, the Cop
  11. @PokeTrainerSpyro @Midorikawa - Died Night Three - Code Geass Mafia, the Redirector & Miller

Our Substitutes:

Our Spectators:
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King of Potatoing
Sep 1, 2017
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Put me on as a sub for the moment, but this may change if necessary later on.
(Slime) Dragon Pokémon
Nov 2, 2019
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If people from the Mentor Mafia game are joining this one, then I wanna join, too! Put me as a substitute for now, please.
Save me!
Nov 6, 2018
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@Blaine. Were you still available to play this game? I understand from your blog that you're on a somewhat of a hiatus at the moment.