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I remembered my password after four years, so I'm proud of myself.

I hope there's a poison gym in Gen 8.
already decided on my July theme - not a fox or feline this time
won't give out much other than two clues -
first half of July, clue is Dominica
second half of July, only slight clue is based on a song I love so much
And happy bulbaversary to ya! While I may not have met you until two years ago I'm still glad you joined here and have been around so I got the chance to meet a pretty awesome person.
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That's so sweet of you to say. Thank you. You're a really great person too. I always forget my Bulbaversary and it is amazing to think how long I've been a part of this site, but I'm glad that I did since I became friends with you and quite a few other users too.
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