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You know I've seen you around for years but never said anything to you. It's finally time I changed that. I like your snakes.
I'm Sorry But... Who's Your Avatar Again LOL? :D Since I PROBABLY Asked This 2 Years Ago Or Something, But DON'T REALLY WANT To Dig Out Your Response, So Could U Tell Me Who This Is Again LOL?

Anything U Remember From SOME SM Episodes U've Seen Like What Ash And The Others Have Or Not Really? :/
Headsup if you're still interested and haven't read it, the SRW UX LP is now up on the archives if you haven't read the whole thing yet: lparchive.org/Super-Robot-Wars-UX Might give it a reread myself now that it's up there.
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Awesome, thanks for the link! Did you end up getting an Asian copy of SRW T? Or at least I think those have English text, ignore that if I'm wrong haha.