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after trying out some Pokemon I never give a chance too.... so far none have evolved, but been having 'fun' giving all an equal chance
• Alolan Grimer looks and feels weird in Pokemon refresh, makes me laugh, so fr out of the 6 the one I'm enjoying the most, and using a lot
• surprised how well Mawile is doing, still not like its design much, so far having good time
• three are still a bit meh, maybe since I'm still to early in the game, not much close attachment to them, might change as I progress through the game and give them an equal chance, they are Grubbin, Trapinch, and Torchic
• so far Staryu continues to disappoint me, seems to be slow level up, hopefully goes up higher as I progress through the game

playing it in Ultra Moon - so far barely finished the Pokemon School area, so haven't even entered Hau'oli City yet