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I'm surprised you're such a huge fan of Serena putting her as your third favorite, I didn't know you liked her that much.
I wouldn't put her in third place if I was a huge fan of her.
I just never really saw you talk about her much.
If by 'preparing' you mean 'not preparing', then yes ;)

Any news with you? You watching the League? My babies are duking it out this Sunday and I am feeling very emotionally exposed.
Ew, but you're supposed to stay on bmgf forever!!

Also the only reason I have NSO is because of the free year through twitch prime thing. is still cheap af
ground was shaking early in my morning - there was a small earthquake today in the Pacific Northwest, not too far from where I lives, it was small, 4.6, at 2:50 am I didn't even feel asleep - hopefully won't be similar to Ridgecrest, CA - when a larger one hit a day after
Tactician Karina
Tactician Karina
Yup I know, I posted the same video on the YouTube thread . :)
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I remember this after I posted sorry >_<

Tactician Karina
Tactician Karina
That's alright, at first I thought it was a similar video by a different person until I recognized the thumbnail and YouTuber lol.

So excited for Three Houses though! Soon in two weeks!
Something funny that happen to me last night:
one of my cats took 2/3ds of the tuna I had for making tuna sandwich
I set it on the counter, didn't noticed that the kitty jumped up on the counter, spotted the tuna, as I was toasting bread, getting other ingredients ready
Hi someone thanked for following earlier so I will thank you. =)

Praying for your dogs truly best wishes.

Have you watched Stranger Things?
I am asking because I am concerned you might not have understood the context of NeoSquid's message. The one about Cherry Slurpee.
Also because it is a magnificent series everyone who hadn't watched yet definietly should.
I have just finished Stranger Things Season 3 yesterday with my familly.

I feel ya'. I loved Alexei, and felt mad at that Russian Schwarzeneger parody ***head. I grinned when he got killed.

But still, my absolutelly favourite character is Dustin. The Never Ending Story song sequence was 10/10.

My dad also thinks Hopper is alive, through...
I hope whatever they thought off to answer that question is plausible...
Unless he's actually dead, and the 'Americaniec' mentioned in the finall sequence is someone else...
Hawkins president?
yeah, alexei was my boy. Probably my favorite stranger things character. I talked with my therapist about his death and she actually looked up a few scenes with him, and after I explained more about him, she apparently understood why I liked him so much. That russian hitman got what he deserved.

dustin is sorta cool. I like most of the characters to some degree.

I'm like 80% sure hopper is alive. Either he's been captured by the russians or he lept into the upside down portal and is in that dimension. Honestly if he actually died I would be super pissed, especially considering how unnecessary it was. Like I get that they were in a hurry to shut off the key but it would have taken hopper like what, 8 seconds to run back to the control room?

did you guys like the season? I thought it was pretty good.
Icy Wind
Icy Wind
I thought it was pretty good too. A definite improvement over season 2
Me and my familly are now rewatching seasons 1 and 2. And oh booooooooiiiii!!!!

I loved the third season. I mean, come on, pretty much every character got its time to shine. You can argue that Will was a bit underutilized, but it's excusable because he had one really strong and powerfull episode dedicated to him dealiing with growing up and maturity. That was my second favourite espisode in the season.

Jim Hopper, Joyce, Alexei and Murray were one of the highlights of the show. I mean, remember that moment when Hop stoled a car from some random guy at the oil station? Me and my familly were laughing to death, almost litleary. And Joyce and Hop were so awesome when together!

Dustin and Steve were amazing, and Dustin performing Never ending Story theme song with Suzzie even more so.

Mike and Lucas are such loosers SMH.

I hope whatever they planned for Russians will also explain how they managed to get hundreds of Russian scientists, soldiers, and shipments of mateialls needed to build this lab in less than a year overseas without being noticed.

Mind flayer was a lot more serious bussiness than ever before. Violence was greatly executed, not over the top, but still strong enough to send thrills down the spine.

Overall, the season was great. Lots of amazing character work, visualls, really strong episodes, and amazing acting and music as always.