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New profile posts


hey dig, how you doing? Been a while.

Seen any good movies?

Nah, me neither.

What's that? Yeah! Wait hold on, got another call.


You'll never guess who just phoned me! Yeah, that's dig just on the phone the now. Say's he's coming round to yours later.

Nah, man, I can't make it. Anyway, better get going-

Haha, yeah, and he's still got that black eye yet!

Anwyay, yeah, yeah, right talk later,

Well, my dad officially retired from his teaching/teacher's aid job. At 75 years old I think it's time for him to hang up his neckties, set the alarm clock to "snooze", and just take it easy. He'll probably drive mom crazy but he just cannot keep getting up at 6 AM to go to school every day, as it takes too much out of him. So we're throwing a little party for him this weekend as celebration for decades of teaching those little gremlins... excuse me, "students". I'd say it's about time.
What does your username mean?
May I ask why you were called Danish?
Insanish Danish
Insanish Danish
Honestly I'm not really sure! One of my teachers back in high school started calling me that because it sounds similar to Dana, my real name, but I'm not sure why he picked the word Danish specifically.
Was just interested. I am decended from Georg Frederik von Krogh, who once served as a unofficial backup-king in Norway, who was Danish.
[ Concept ] Arylett the Psychic Ninetales.png

After I finish my Sprigatito picture, I'm probably coloring this one. She's what I would call a "Were Pokemon" or a human that has been changed into a Pokemon but still retains some human traits. There are some slight differences from her and regular Ninetales as a result. For instance, she has an extra Psychic-type due to being a Psychic as a human, plus a different ability and some moves Ninetales cannot ordinarily learn. Most of her potential learnset is the same as Delphox.
I will be gone for some weeks starting next week, I've got things to do, srry :(
Thx 4 understanding!