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Recent content by Jirachi's Wish

  1. J

    Diancie, Volcanion, and Hoopa Leaked? (RUMOR)

    Erm, you don't have to bend over backwards to get the Birds in FRLG. They were in their original spots except for Moltres and were stationary requiring no extra event to unlock. The Regi were no more useless than the Birds who did nothing in FRLG or any game for that matter so far. Plus they had...
  2. J

    The New Official Claim-a-Pokemon Thread!

    Re: The New Official Claim-a-Pokemon thread! (UPDATE: All Gen 6 Pokemon added!) Hoping he has been taken already yet. Goomy - Jirachi's Wish, 22/10/13
  3. J

    Do you use revives in battle?

    I tend to use revives outside of battle since I find it kind of difficult to do during a battle unless I have a Pokemon (HM slaves 99% of the time) to use as a buffer while I use a revive on Pokemon vital to the battle.
  4. J

    Rank The Gens

    1st - Gen III - It's my favorite partly because of nostalgia, but it's also my favorite Gen as there was so much to do throughout it. From the main adventure of R/S/E to Colosseum/XD and the other Spinoff games. it also had some of my favorite features such as Contests (made better in Gen IV)...
  5. J

    SPOILERS: XY Travelog!

    I beat the champion yesterday and with the following team: Furfrou Lv.60 Charizard Lv.62 Malamar Lv.61 Delphox Lv.64 Goodra Lv.64 Fletchinder Lv.31 Battling the E4 and Champion were quite fun, there were a few challenges but I managed to overcome them with my team. I'm currently now...
  6. J

    Pokemon X/Y Friend Code Sharing Thread- PLEASE READ FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING

    Re: Pokemon X/Y Friend Code Sharing Thead 3DS FC: 1461-6341-1926 Name: Ryan Safari Type: Dragon (Dragonair, Sliggoo and Fraxure) Version: X 3DS FC: 2921-9098-2486 Name: Mathew Safari Type: Bug (Ledyba, Beautifly and Heracross) Version: X
  7. J


    Despite seeing the 'trololo', I still clicked. -_-'
  8. J

    Pokemon Game Rituals

    Some of my habits/rituals are: -Rapidly pressing A during the start up and when catching a Pokemon. -Never saving with a NPC right behind my character. (I used to think they could steal my items as a kid) -Buying an even amount of items from Poke Marts, Department Stores, etc. -Saving before...
  9. J

    Pokemon you've always wanted to use but haven't

    Wormadam - I was always interested in using the Steel-type forme but could never seem to get myself to bother using the honey trees since most of the time I'd forget to check the trees. Aerodactyl - By the time you manage to get it, it takes way too long to level up in time for the last gym and...
  10. J

    The Legendaries of Black 2 and White 2

    The same event is B2W2? I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere, and you'd think it would be if the same Meloetta event is still in.
  11. J

    The Legendaries of Black 2 and White 2

    I've been wondering how they'll be distributing Genesect for B2W2 when they release it because as I've been looking for information on it, I noticed there isn't any way to obtain the drives in-game. So I'm thinking that there could be a possible event in the future where we would get Genesect...
  12. J

    "Perfect" Kyurem - rebirth of the Original Dragon

    Well at least the GS Ball did have a purpose, even if it was exclusive to just the JPN Crystal.
  13. J

    The Legendaries of Black 2 and White 2

    Oi, that many legendaries before the league!? When did the legendaries decide to hold their own version of the world tournament? :P It's too bad they didn't save them for the post-game national dex.
  14. J

    The Legendaries of Black 2 and White 2

    Hopefully they deal with the legendaries post-game with their locations only appearing under specific conditions.
  15. J

    Most useless pokemon moves?

    I'd say Destiny Bond since it's a pain to get to work and whenever I try using it I either faint the other pokemon or the effect of its two turn duration wears off. Another would be Embargo, useful ingame against gym leaders and the E4 who are known to use items at the last second but...