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Recent content by Talia

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    Are you missing any body parts?

    I got my tonsils and my adenoids removed if that counts c(:
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    What ridiculously common thing can't you do.

    I can't do multiplication written out - unless it's in the lattice method D:
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    NEWS: Iris and Cilan leaving discussion. (Confirmed)

    To be honest I didn't really watch much of BW so I'm not going to be sad about their leaving, purely because I'll be happy to see a new region and hopefully a group that can hold my interest a bit longer XD
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    Older Ash???

    I always think Ash looks nice and older in the previews but then he's always a short little ten-year-old when the actual anime comes around :( Previews always make him look more intense xD
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    Pokeshipping General Discussion

    If Misty were to confess her feelings about Ash to any character in the anime (it can be a character of the day or even a pokemon), who would it be? I'd say her little Azumarill c(: (Since Togepi probably knew, as does Psyduck xD) I wish it was Ash though!!! (; And I apologize if this has...
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    Pokeshipping General Discussion

    What if Misty meets Ash in Isshu? What will be Iris, Ash and Dento's Reaction? I haven't really seen the new series (my bad [;) so I'm not sure - but I'd like to think that Ash would ask Misty to travel with him for as long as she could. Dento and Iris would be polite to her, but wonder what...
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    Pokeshipping General Discussion

    I would think Pokeshipper's do ;D ! Haha ^^ And I like the idea to post nice fanfics and drawings for Valentine's Day, romance is in the air c(: I really like this fanart because as a Pokeshipper, I live for hints XD And I can tell which hint is each just by looking at the art! :D...
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    Pokeshipping General Discussion

    Hey guys - sorry I haven't posted in... months ^^; I'm still totally for Pokeshipping though! XD Even though the anime has changed quite a bit (aired yesterday in the US, woo) I still love it... and miss the originals c(: Pokeshipping's still awesome! ;D
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    Pokeshipping General Discussion

    Have you ever thought about converting to another ship that interferes with Pokeshipping? I'm never going to be able to convert at this point haha, I've invested too much time c(: And I love the ship too much! Although, sometimes I think Misty should date someone so that Ash might realize...
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    Pokeshipping General Discussion

    If Ash would write a letter to Misty, what do you think it would say in it? What would you want it to say? Well, I think Ash would probably say something like... 'Hey Misty! It's been ages! Pikachu and I have been doing really awesome. I've travelled lots of places and met tons of new...
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    Pokemon Marathon on Cartoon Network

    I'm not a huge fan of the AG series, but I'll be watching anyway... And what do they mean 'last marathon'?! That's crazy! I don't want this to be the last time they'll ever show a Pokemon marathon :(
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    So so true! And everyone should have a little immaturity in them, or else life wouldn't be half...

    So so true! And everyone should have a little immaturity in them, or else life wouldn't be half as interesting ;D And aww thanks ^^; Hehe I guess I'll just have to wait before getting an actual boyfriend XD And no that's just some kid in my art class lol
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    Pokeshipping General Discussion

    Amen to that haha xD All I know is that America was definitely for Pokeshipping when Misty was still around, and if that 'sweetie' thing made it into the game than that is really cute!
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    Pokeshipping General Discussion

    If you could have one character in the anime a Pokeshipper, who would you choose? Why? ASH. That would make our lives a whole lot easier if he was a pokeshipper XDDD Hahaha! If not him, then I'm gonna go with Arceus. Then we'd be in for sure! ;) And I have dreams about Pokeshipping...
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    Pokeshipping General Discussion

    Umm - I think that Ash and Misty will always travel, but only occasionally. For example most of the time they will be at their home in Kanto, but every once in a while they will take trips so they can travel again for a short period of time. Hopefully Ash will have become a master then, and...