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Recent content by Yoshi-san

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    PerfectWorldshipping (Sycamore/Lysandre)

    Lately things I like to see with this ship is a bunch of domestic stuff like "Who cooks" etc So I think I'll bring the Domestically meme here!
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    ImportantToYouShipping: (Blackbelt Frank/Psychic Sly)

    If anyone is unaware, this is the crack ship of the two NPC on Route 11 in XY. Pixiv really loves this pair and it got me into it (as a joke at first but we all know what happens when you ship things as a joke.....OTL)
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    PerfectWorldshipping (Sycamore/Lysandre)

    Your fic is killing me Zel it's not fair ;____; The contrast with them is the greatest thing. That's what makes them great and very painful at the same time...... Also I'm glad you like the choices of the songs! Araragi chose most of them TBH since I'm not quality enough to have good music...OTL
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    PerfectWorldshipping (Sycamore/Lysandre)

    The Playlist is finished! Unlike most fanmixes this one doesn't come with a download link because of reasons.... But it's a collection of songs that both Araragi Hakase; and I thought would fit well with the relationship with Lysandre and Sycamore. Sono accent ga chigau! - Try To Understand...
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    PerfectWorldshipping (Sycamore/Lysandre)

    So me and Araragi Hakase; are working on a PerfectWorldshipping fanmix together So far we're crying about how much pain this ship is and sadness. So it's going along fine!
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    PerfectWorldshipping (Sycamore/Lysandre)

    I just read this fic and now I'm just full of NOPE Spoiler warning of course
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    PerfectWorldshipping (Sycamore/Lysandre)

    Well I drew a pic yesterday~! I'm working on a better pic as we speak
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    PerfectWorldshipping (Sycamore/Lysandre)

    I told you my angst button is very...angsty XD I love all the art of this ship
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    PerfectWorldshipping (Sycamore/Lysandre)

    It actually bothers me how invested I became with this ship XD I have a few headcanons for this pairing Both are spoiler heavy so I'm linking to my tumblr Here and this one I made with Araragi Hakase That second one was a lot of fun to think of with @Araragi Hakase
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    PerfectWorldshipping (Sycamore/Lysandre)

    Anyone like this ship? When playing this game I found Sycamore's opinion of Lysandre very shippy and the tons and tons of fanart made me ship it so hard! SPOILER
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    Review S16 EP26: Farewell, Unova! Setting Sail for New Adventures!

    Parker's dub name is Porter and yet Ash calls him Parker the second after Porter introduces himself XD
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    In Memoriam: Celebrities

    Cory Monteith Dead: Glee Star Dies at 31 - Yahoo! TV I used to be a big fan of Glee. Nowadays the series got worse and worse but This is extremely devastating to see that Cory Monteith is dead. RIP
  13. Y

    Review S16 EP11: A Unova League Evolution!

    Do I even need to comment about the BS that was this battle? The only good part of the episode was Ash and Stephan having a sauna date chat about what they're going to do after the league. I really wish Stephan was the actual main rival because of these moments.
  14. Y

    Do you like Stephan/Kenyan as a rival?

    Kenyan should have been the main rival of BW. I may be biased but I feel Kenyan is the "Friendly Rival" done a lot better in comparison with the others in the past. He was never hostile/rude to Ash or anyone and he was a strong, competent trainer with being boring/invincible or completely book...
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    Review BW113: The Foggy Sangi Ranch! Denryu's Light!!

    Dragonite was the best part of this episode.