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Non-Mafia BulbaRonpa: The War Room's Killing Game (MASTERMIND VICTORY)

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hello everyone, i am back. i have covered the details on a profile post but there was a huge internet outage where i live due to a freak accident. i have been generally alright albeit very very stressed and worried bc mod applications rn as well as this game.
physically i am safe and sound, and, knock on wood, my internet is too! please allow me a moment to log the votes and write up some flavor and we can get this game rolling again.
my apologies for the delay.

In a rocket ship
Kaito Momota awaits
death that never comes

Kaito Momota (@Zexy) has been lynched! As he was lynchproof, he will continue to play!

Night 8 begins now! Take special care not to make any mistakes, everyone!
so the mastermind takes the lynch from helper and transfers it to themselves. i sincerely doubt that zext ISN'T the mastermind.
That could account for one lynchproof vest. What about Potato's? The theory is flawed...

Confirmed LPs are you me Quas. Also maybe one of helperman/Potato. Zinn also had to be one. So if you think one of helperman/Potato was not, the other has to be Mido.
obviously you lied about potato having a vest in the first place
Why did Potato not CC it? Why did Ex not CC it? He also knew. Even if I were to have a Silencer ability, there were more phases before where they could have said it. Ex also had FTE with more ppl and might have passed that info along, except it was probably the mastermind...
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