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Mafia Fire in the Garden: Kanto Starters Mafia: Endgame, Bulbasaur Victory

Well, in that case I may...
If I die, please vote for Raven tomorrow.
Why not if you wouldn't have?
I am sorry to say this, Raven, but you seem like the single most informative flip at the moment. Insight into Ex, Mido and Minish at once.
Fair enough, I made my peace :)
if you do, especially with all the d3 ppl having to commit for or against you, there will be much more to work with.
Like I said, it's no big deal. I'm town, and I win if all threats are eliminated, I don't necessarily need to survive for that. I'll gladly take one for the team if it has a (potentially) beneficial outcome.
Your best bet if you are town at the moment is to pray that the RNGods bless us with some good power roles and results tomorrow.
The RNG gods usually screw me other, does the way thinks we're resolved imply that they blessed us big time?

Now I'm mad that I didn't push the wissen lynch harder though...

Oh well - given my track record I'm honestly quite happy with how I did. Sure, there's a lot of room for improvements, but I felt like I was actually getting a grasp on some things and making valid points instead of just shading out of impulsive paranoia and throwing random accusations.

Thank you for hosting @DawningWinds!
Vote: Mint Elv
Charmander libel

personally im not a charmander myself but how dare you, he's a friend.

anyway hey guys there's a lotta nothing here, how do we make each other talk
I want them to show up before I choose between them, but I will change my vote based on what they say
Not jumping on the inactives. Town.
To show that I'm offended at your bad taste, not offended because the statement was about me :bulbaLove:

Anyway looking at this, wissen guy feels like a troll and can someone explain the logic behind people thinking he outed a scum buddy? I'm not following
Asking and not just believing. Also the only other one to notice that we had someone joking in the thread. Town.
do we know that this was the rules violation? i dont see anything in the rules list covering it.
is it lackluster though? for day one it's hard to have really solid points against someone
i think inactive towns can easily be taken advantage of by scum and this was a pretty inactive town (admittedly i am not helping matters) until you guys pushed on one of the people who hadn't confirmed. maybe i need to look over this thread again
This has good points. Town
See I can sort of get behind this but the thing that sketches me out is throwing in the rule violation thing as another reason. It feels like a deliberate reach.
While the latter half is good, but the “I can get behind” thing after her previous posts seemed to be questioning the inactive voting does not come off well.
what are the votes at now?
update is incoming and i dont know what happens in a tie, is a tie a no lynch?

if so we should quickly make sure that doesnt happen
vote: jaison
stopping possible tie
NAI. No side wants a tie unless one is mafiA, and mafia is saving mafia. So unless Elie is mafia, this is NAI.
oh im late
and i fucked up the format and forgot to unvote first
hello hello

i notice i was called out for the last minute attempt at a vote and that's valid, I'd find it scummy too considering the result

all i can say is I didn't realize how close the deadline was and I'm used to ties = no lynch. wasnt sure if that's the process here or not but at that point it was a while since we had a tally, i didn't know how many people voted
and in case jaison was scum i wanted to prevent a situation where scum possibly voted last second to tie or flip
Scum. This shows gentle is watching the thread but went silent until they were brought up.
am at work but will do in a couple of hours
This was their last post.

Scum. They’ve hardly posted and unlike LICH, gentle isn’t new. I actually expected more posts but after the ISO i can see that gentle has been really skating by despite apparently paying attention to the thread. Lurking intentionally is scummy.
Yeah I owe an apology to Mido too (Piko and Dawning I already told in Discord).

My town game, despite catching us one scum, was a formatting, angleshooting and sometimes even self-confused mess. That would not catch us the other two scum anytime soon.

I really need to take a step back and rethink if getting back to playing mafia is really a good idea.
I personally disagree with the townlean on Lich and I think his alignment is likely the opposite of wissen's because 90% of what he said was just discontent with the lynch D1

While very agreeable, it doesn't mean much if wissen is town. So wissen still seems to give more information than raven to me

I need to check if they were vocal about wanting wissen instead of jaison, but if they were that's a better look imo
oh that's pretty anti-climatic

They have both not posted for like 48 hours straight, I think it would have been way more frustrating for us to be hating on each other for two whole day/night circles and drop from 9 townies to 5 without them posting anything to read them on AND not really having to actually do something to get free mislynches...

Game was enough of a spider-man pointing already, that would go on for at least a week.
Survivor, apparently.

I also evolved, had String Shot, would use on Raven tonight (I did have Mido as my placeholder earlier).
change my alignment to mafia, dawning, I'll make a comeback for them

what was the squirtle wincon?
Survivor, as Zexy said.

and least you evolvedddd
i stayed a vanilla baby welp
Technically you were actually Hated (+1 vote on you) during Day Two and would've been through Day Three, which would've shown up in votals if an player's vote had ever been on you when votals occured. That's kinda not vanilla I guess.
Technically you were actually Hated (+1 vote on you) during Day Two and would've been through Day Three, which would've shown up in votals if an player's vote had ever been on you when votals occured. That's kinda not vanilla I guess.
Shouldn't it have been like

ExLight (1) -

in votals anyway? That used to be how hated was done before.
zexy invented mafia so he knows his stuff
... nope lol

I first got into mafia back in January 2014. Took an 8 month hiatus from September 2014 to May 2015. Started hosting around summer 2015. Became TWR mod spring 2016. Yeah, I did kinda codify how TWR was doing mafia until about late 2017. During my tenure we introduced concepts like MoD and the queue and refined the standard ruleset etc. although ME and Caps also did a lot, it was not all on me. I just did more of the bulk of the hosting and seemed more like the figurehead/face of the section. But behind the scenes, all the big decisions were made in unison.

Also did some of the affiliation with other sites at the time, especially Mafia Universe (before they got too strict on many things and our community cultures kinda drifted apart). Did also represent TWR in one Mafia Championship, did OK (town that got killed n2) but not OK enough to qualify, unlike Caps later.

... Then I got kinda burned out mixed with some IRL stuff and disappeared for a half a decade lol. And despite coming back, things are... different. My town game was more all over the place than I would like, my thought processes are a bit rusty. I may still retain the knowledge but the intuition is off and will take a while to be tuned back, if it ever does.
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