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Mafia: Gundam SEED Mafia ~ Endgame - "Decisive Fire" ~ Mafia/Indep Win!

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♡ mk. vier ♡
Oct 18, 2011
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Gundam SEED Mafia

Hosted by @FinalArcadia

Year 70 of the Cosmic Era. Due to the Bloody Valentine Tragedy, tension between Earth and the PLANTs quickly developed into a full-fledged armed conflict. No one doubted that the larger Earth forces would be victorious, but these early predictions proved to be wrong. Almost eleven months passed since the war began, with no end in sight.Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, episode 1

The conflict between the Earth Alliance and ZAFT – between Naturals and Coordinators – continues to drag countless innocent people into its deadly grasp with those left behind seeking revenge for their fallen loved ones. The cycle of hate and vengeance continues on, growing ever stronger with each passing day. Amidst all the destruction and hatred flies the Archangel, carrying with it hope for the future. But is the peaceful future he desires within reach of Kira Yamato and his allies, or are the tensions between Earth and the PLANTs so powerful that they threaten to rip apart humanity itself?

There are cries calling for “the preservation of our blue and pure world.” Those opposite them yell for some form of payback against the Naturals that fired nuclear weapons at their innocent families. And somewhere in the middle, a muffled song pleads for mutual understanding and tranquility, trying desperately to let its melody of peace be heard. It is a quiet voice, yet one that does not falter.​


1) You are allowed to claim your ability/role-claim. However, please do not directly quote your role PM for this. Instead, paraphrase your ability if you need to describe how it works.
2) No name-claiming is allowed in this game. If you do so, you will be modkilled.
3) Similarly, do not try to hint who your character is (for example, something like “my character hates Coordinators” is not allowed).
4) Under no circumstances is it permissible to reveal your role PM in this game. Do not show it, screenshot it, quote it, nothing.
5) Fake-claiming is totally fine!
6) The tl;dr version of all this is that no direct quoting is allowed from your role PM, and the only things from it you are allowed to claim are your ability and to say “I’m town” or really generic things like that.

1) Private communications are allowed and encouraged! You may use a QT, PMs, or Skype, and please let me see all private communication that takes place for this game. Add me as a recipient in all PMs, send me a link to your QT, and add me into your chat on Skype (I’m arcadiaarclight). Sending me a chat log via PM of Skype/IM conversations is also fine.

Game Conduct
1) Screenshots are not allowed, but copy/paste is okay. For example, if hypothetically someone wants some proof about a QT or PM, you can copy and paste what was said there in its entirety.
2) HOWEVER you may not directly copy/paste from a PM I sent you.
3) Keep everything civil. It’s okay to get a little annoyed over things (it definitely happens, I think we’ve all had our moments like that in games), but please refrain from insults or anything that does not fall under the BMGF site rules. Keep it tasteful.
4) Please inform the thread if you change your username during the game so we all know who you are.
5) To vote use the format VOTE: Player, and to unvote, be sure to note that with a UNVOTE: Player.

Game Specific Info
1) In the case of a tie between a player and no lynch – i.e. “FinalArcadia has 4 votes and 4 people also voted No Lynch” – the lynch will win out and take place.
2) Day phases are 48 hours and night phases are 24 hours.
3) I send out all night action PMs (such as copchecks) shortly after the phase has ended, as quick as I can.
4) Feel free to ask for a vote count, and I will gladly post one in-thread!
5) No knowledge of Gundam SEED is necessary, though I’d be lying if I said it may not help a tiny bit just to go over possibilities. Here is a link to the wiki (warning for spoilers everywhere on it though). This game will only cover Gundam SEED, not the Destiny sequel. saving that for a future game maybe
6) On that note, there may be some light spoilers for the series in this game, and it'd be awesome if you spoiler tag parts of your post that involve spoilers (like if role speculating).
7) If you have any questions, let me know via PM! I’m happy to clear things up and I don’t bite!
8) To show that you’ve read these rules, please say your favorite anime opening theme in-thread or link to it!
9) Updates will take place at 10:00 PM US EST/GMT -4.
1) @Momoka - Flay Allster (secret voter), killed N1
2) @sharkshocker - Patrick Zala (godfather + double voter), WON THE GAME!
3) @HumanDawn - Muruta Azrael (roleblocker), WON THE GAME!
4) @Zexy - Lacus Clyne (1x governor), killed N6
5) @Shiny Ditto - Mu La Flaga (1x vigilante), lost in the endgame
6) @Yato - Yzak Joule (ascetic), WON THE GAME!
7) @Marius @Momoka - Clotho/Orga/Shani (1x lynchproof), WON THE GAME!
8) @Rabbit - Cagalli Yula Athha (1x vote freezer), lynched D3
9) @RainbowSkittles - Dearka Elsman (roleblocker), lost in the endgame
10) @GliscorMan - Murrue Ramius (cop), killed N2
11) @Flaze - Miriallia Haw (mason + possible 1x tracker), lost in the endgame
12) @GastlyGibus @Midorikawa - Kira Yamato (3x motivator), killed N5
13) @Midorikawa - Nicol Amalfi (doctor), killed N4
14) @jokool - Natarle Badgiruel (miller/1x back-up cop), killed N3
15) @Elysion - Athrun Zala (bomb), killed N4
16) @Zima @リベンジ - Andrew Waltfeld (1x bulletproof), lynched D5
17) @Squall Leonhart - Tolle Koenig (mason + possible 1x tracker), lost in the endgame
18) @Clusiana - Rau Le Creuset (rolecop + 1x fake copcheck), WON THE GAME!

1) @Momoka - subbing for Marius
2) @リベンジ - subbing for Zima
3) @Midorikawa - subbing for GastlyGibus

There are 25 spots total, but I know that’s a lot so I can cut some if need be. But I’d like fill as many as possible for balance and because I like so many characters and don’t want to cut them.

Day 1 - "Its Name: Gundam"
Night 1 - "False Peace"
Day 2 - "The Fading Light"
Night 2 - "Grieving Skies"
Day 3 - "Seen and Unseen"
Night 3 - "The Sea Dyed Red"
Day 4 - "What Stands in the Way"
Night 4 - "Silent Run"
Day 5 - "Moment"
Night 5 - "Fangs of the Enemy"
Day 6 - "Kira"
Night 6 - "Gathering Darkness"
Endgame - "Decisive Fire"
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Straight, No Chaser
Mar 6, 2014
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Re: Gundam SEED Mafia ~ Sign-Ups ~ 18/5/2014

I'm open to play!

I've always loved the AoT opening. Plenty of other good ones but that pops into my head :3
Dec 7, 2013
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Re: Gundam SEED Mafia ~ Sign-Ups ~ 18/5/2014

Ooh! Me!

I'm a sucker for the original Pokémon theme.
The Coolest!
Apr 24, 2011
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Re: Gundam SEED Mafia ~ Sign-Ups ~ 18/5/2014

Ooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh................... I guess I'm in, but I can't promise that I'll be active (work and stuff :p). I really would like to get back into mafia games and be more active here again.

As for opening..... Hmmmmm..... Tough choice, but I think I'll go with this one.
Syaoran is the sweetest
Jun 30, 2013
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Re: Gundam SEED Mafia ~ Sign-Ups ~ 18/5/2014

In please!

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dunno y u gotta pain 2nyt
Jul 16, 2011
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Re: Gundam SEED Mafia ~ Sign-Ups ~ 18/5/2014

In please! :D

I like Hetalia's because it is very short, haha.
♡ mk. vier ♡
Oct 18, 2011
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Re: Gundam SEED Mafia ~ Sign-Ups ~ 18/5/2014

I'd like to get this show on the road fairly soon, so if by about the 27th there aren't 25 players, I think I'll start things with however many there are and adjust the roles/abilities accordingly.

But if anyone wants to sign-up before then, that'd be great! 18 is the number I definitely need to work with at the least, and anything higher will be very appreciated!
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