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Anime Have you ever fantasized about being in an anime, huh?

Utsukushī sakura o mite
Dec 30, 2015
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So, yeah, the title says it all. Have you ever fantasized and envisioned yourself (or any of your original creations, for that matter) as being a part of an anime, be it riding on a Charizard or having a friendly battle with your favorite character? Share it all in this thread!

Okay, so I'll go first. I, for one, have been fantasizing about Pokémon since when I was ten or eleven years old (hence the inspiration for this thread, dah!). None of that was pretty significant, though. About an year ago, however, I envisioned and fantasized an entire Pokémon series with a whole set of original creations: protagonists, (though, none of them was based off me!), Professor, rivals, Gym Leaders and many more, and of course, a villainous team, in a made-up region called Fronda, spanning somewhere between 140 to 145 episodes, each of an hour. Yeah, I realized one Pokémon episode is equivalent to one hour of fantasy of the same episode, so... Eh... I even thought about posting my series, episode by episode on these forums for everyone to read and review a few days ago but, one, I am not very good at describing things, let alone one hour of faint memory from nearly an year and half ago, and two, that sounds like a lot of work, so I decided to drop out on the idea! :p

Besides, I also envision myself as part of Fairy Tail occasionally, but none of them have been as deep and close to my heart as the Pokémon series I just described above.
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Jun 6, 2017
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I've been considering making up my own Pokemon region recently too. At first I thought it would be neat to make up my own fakemon, but it's a lot harder to design them than I thought. No big deal, there are 800+ official Pokemon to populate my region so I should be working on other things like the protagonists, the evil team, the Professor, etc...