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If you were a Pokemon, which one would it be?


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Aug 25, 2012
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The title might be a little hard to understand, but what I mean is do you think of yourself as any Pokemon?

My brothers and I have always thought of ourselves and eachother of the Lake Trio. I was Mesprit, my twin Azelf, and my older brother was Uxie.

Personally, I see myself as a Skitty.

Do you have anything like that?
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Hm...I really have never thought of this before. Interesting topic...
I guess I've always kinda thought of myself to be Darkrai. =) From what I've read about it, it seems to be protective, which I am. I'm very protective of people, or stuff I like. It also seems to be very loyal, which I am, well, most of the time. And it seems to be the quiet Pokemon...Lol,I dunno. But if I had to be a Pokemon, I'd probably be a Darkrai. :) If not Darkrai, then a Giratina. xD. Those two are what come to mind when I think of myself being a Pokemon. =)
I've never thought about this either. Intriguing.

I could totally see myself as a Buizel or Dewott. I like to play and hide in the water and be a general dweeb.
As you might see by my icon, I see myself as a Sylveon. I... never really understood why... It just clicked in my head one night that made me think I was like Sylveon...

Also, I see my sister as Glaceon, but I never told her this because she isn't into Pokemon.
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I see myself as a Golett: I'm kinda small, a bit of a homebody, easily overlooked but I can hit you hard if you irritate me badly enough.
Oh, so much XD. I remember trying to figure out exactly which legendary trio me and two of my friends represented... I think in the end I went with an "all of the above" option.
As for non-legendary, look at my avatar :p.
If your favorite animal has been made to a Pokemon, that's what you "are" to me. My favorite animals are rats so it's always been Rattata/Raticate.

On my birthday last year I was really amused at how Rattata evolves at level 20. Too bad nothing happens at "level" 21 this year :>
I choose Whimsicott as my signature! The name gives it away. :p

It probably goes the same for many others with some Pokemon in their username.
I associate myself with Gardevoir (my favorite pokemon), Grovyle (second favorite), and the rest of my favorites (in no particular order): Carnivine, Floatzel, Yanma, Milotic, Pidgeot, and Espeon.
Blaziken, fiery personality/ fighter, cheesy but thats how i see it, or Gallade, Strong sense of justice and that genneral aura that it has.
cyndaquil/quilava i mean i can be very shy like a cyndaquil or i can be like a quilava, just don't mess with me
I always saw myself as a Plusle and my best friend as a Minun-- we work together really well and always end up cheering on or cheering up others! People also say that I'm a very positive person. xD
I always saw myself as a Shaymin. Moreso Sky form than land form, I'm always willing to take on a challenge, no matter what it was. I always felt like it was me kind of coming out of my shell (land form transforming into Sky form, of course), and showing the world what I'm really capable of, that kinda thing.
Delcatty, because:
¨Delcatty are docile Pokémon that rarely ever put up with conflict. Delcatty prefers to live an unfettered existence in which it can do as it pleases at its own pace. Because it eats and sleeps whenever it decides, its schedule is completely random. Rather than seeking a permanent nest, it habitually seeks comfortable spots and sleeps there. If other Pokémon approach it as it sleeps, Delcatty will never fight, and instead moves somewhere else.¨

And also because i love cats, and its shiny form is red instead of purple :D
Metang is me. While I can't fly at 60 mph one of my mottos is "they see me rolling; they hating" so I guess that applies to the bit where Metang's body is virtually unscratchable. People say I'm quite intelligent and I do have two sides to me... Idk, metang is awesome and it just fits me best.
Buizel. I don't really know why. The Water-type has something to do with it, as well as its overall appearance. It just gives off something that reminds me of myself. Drowzee as well, because of Insomnia.

I also associate with Lampent due to a mysterious chain of events in a community I'm a part of.
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I see myself as an Umbreon, my 3 year old sister as an Eevee, my 13 year old sister as a sylveon, and my parents as Flareons
my top favorite pokemon is absol but at least since gen 5 i've seen myself as a dewott because 1) dewotts teach themselves how to fight with scahlops and i taught myself how to use swords... and knives... and just about every melee wapon but nunchucks. 2) i think of dewotts as rather independent and i see myself as independent as well
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