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Pokemon you used to hate/not care, but now love/at least like

Re: Pokemon you used to hate/not care, but now love.

Oh remembered a few...
Dusclops was one I never paid attention to. Then I decided to try a Trick Room team, with Dusclops as an Eviolited Trick Room setter. Not only can he take a considerable amount of damage, but he often can get a Trick Room priority to annoy the enemy with Toxic, Will o' Wisp and Hex. Very, very useful.
I also didn't care for Zoroark much. Too rare in the original B/W and kind of frail. That's when I received N's Zorua in W2. While it was horribly frail at first, once it evolved and got both Night Daze and Flamethrower, it became my ace along with Cinccino. Fast, tricky, and a destroyer of any AI opponent that tried to use Psychic moves.
Re: Pokemon you used to hate/not care, but now love.

Furfrou. When I 1st saw it, I thought, "Oh, a poodle you can trim. I'll catch it and trim it once and that's it". Then I went on Serebii one day and saw the beauty that is the DANDY TRIM. The swag, is amazing. I wanted to use one in Y just for that amazingly awesome trim. (Oh, and I liked the others, minus Kabuki) Then I used it and realized that it is an amazing bulky beast. I remember when I was battling Xerosic and accidentally used Charm on his Malamar (forgot its ability:p) My Furfrou, Ein, didn't even take half damage! And keep in mind that I wasn't one of those people who was 10 levels higher than all of my opponents. Aside from this event, Charm+Cotton Guard+Headbutt/Return was my go to strategy for Ein.

Bunnelby. I literally remember when he was revealed along with Skiddo and Dedenne. I thought they were cute and just ranked Bunnelby as "meh". Clemont's Bunnelby in the anime has fully turned me around and now I love the little cutie. The only thing keeping me from using one on a team is Diggersby being fugly as hell.
Re: Pokemon you used to hate/not care, but now love.

I didn't think much of Klefki when I first saw it, but now I use one on my doubles team. The little keychain is a beast. Mine took out a Mewtwo once. :D
Re: Pokemon you used to hate/not care, but now love.

Golett: Once upon a time, I wasn't a huge fan of Golett. I wanted a Golurk, not that chubby looking rocky toddler! In fact, when I added Riser to my team in Black I couldn't wait for him to evolve, so I wouldn't have to look at him in that state. Then I started working with him and was surprised. He could be pretty tankish and was quite a nice addition to my team. When I started playing White, I transferred a Golett over to take care of Elesa and the rest is history--I was head over heels with the little cutie pie.

Looking at your profile and how you seemed to like the Golurk in my story, this is actually a pretty surprising reveal for me, heh!
Yeah, it puzzles me too, as they are both part of the same family. But it took me some time to warm up to one even though I was head over heels for the other.

Oh, forgot to add: Pawniard and Bisharp. I tried raising them on Black 2 and it wasn't worth the trouble; they were too weak to take a hit. But then when I started playing X, I traded for a Pawniard and started using her on my team. Holy jeez, what a difference a Gen makes! She became my dedicated Fairy killer and was outright unstoppable. I went from being "meh" on Bisharp to utterly loving it and now it's my second favorite Pokemon.
Re: Pokemon you used to hate/not care, but now love.

For me, I think Exeggutor would fall into this category. I always used to see Exeggutor as a bizarre Gen 1 Pokemon with an odd typing and probably mediocre stats. Recently, however, I decided to use Exeggutor in a Pokemon Yellow playthrough, and now it's probably one of my favorite 'Mons from Gen 1. Before I started the playthrough, I read an article on Smogon saying that Exeggutor was very good in Gen 1, and it was right. Exeggutor has great bulk, insane offensive power, and a surprisingly good typing, and it was one of the 'Mons that really helped carry the rest of my team (the other being Rhydon). Of course, this is only Gen 1, and Exeggutor has changed a lot since then, but my experience using it was definitely enough to make it a new favorite of mine.
Re: Pokemon you used to hate/not care, but now love.

Paras/Parasect. I was re-playing LeafGreen with a Squirtle as my starter, and was trying to beat Misty. Her Starmie had taken down the rest of my team with relative ease, and I was down to the Paras I'd caught to use as an HM slave. I sent it out just so I could get my expected loss over with, but lo and behold, little Tochukaso held on and managed to paralyze his opponent. Through a combination of Leech Life and the paralysis kicking in, Misty's Starmie went down, and I got my badge. Up until that point I'd just gone along with what everyone else said about Paras and Parasect, that they were useless. After Tochukaso won me my second badge, however, I decided to never listen to anyone's opinion on a Pokémon's usefulness ever again. That Paras stayed on my team all the way to the Indigo Plateau, and proved itself time and time again.

Another one is Farfecth'd. Due to Tochukaso's performance, I decided to see if Farfecth'd lived up to its reputation. I played through FireRed, traded for Fartch'd in Vermillion City, and was immediately blown away by the little wood duck's power. It managed to take down Giovanni's Kangaskhan all by itself both times I faced it.

I've henceforth decided that there is no such thing as a useless Pokémon, just people who don't know how to use them right. And after seeing how well Pachirisu did in the World Championships, I'm considering using one on my team the next time I replay Platinum.
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Re: Pokemon you used to hate/not care, but now love.

For me, the biggest example of this would be Drapion. I didn't really pay much attention to it until I started making a dark type team in Platinum for fun. I found out it was dark/poison and only had one weakness, so I tried it. I enjoyed using Drapion because I found it really reliable (I'm pretty sure it even took an earthquake from Cynthia's Garchomp without being overleveled), and then the poison typing became even more useful after fairy was introduced. Now it's probably my second or third favorite Pokemon.

Also, for a while I didn't want to use any Pokemon with a 4x weakness. Then I tried some of them, and the weaknesses weren't as much of a problem as I thought they would be. Shiftry, Bisharp, Tyranitar, and Aggron are some Pokemon I liked after giving them a chance.
Re: Pokemon you used to hate/not care, but now love.

I wasn't too fond of Venusaur when I first became a fan of Pokemon. But I used one in my X playthrough and I was surprised at how great of a Pokemon it was. I will never doubt Venusau again, ever.
Re: Pokemon you used to hate/not care, but now love.

I didn't pay it much mind at first until I saw how much special attacks it could tank with an Assault Vest. Now it's my favourite Kalos Pokémon until Adaptability Dragalge is released.
Re: Pokemon you used to hate/not care, but now love.

Practically everything gen V. Until i got W1 and the game FORCES the player to use only Unova pokemon, I quickly warmed up to the Woobats, Vanillites and most surprisingly, the Trubbishes of the world. I figured out through first hand experience that some of them are just excellent, and the rest have serious strong points. I'm still not a fan of the element monkeys for their uninspired designs, but at least i know they can put the smack down.
Re: Pokemon you used to hate/not care, but now love.

Stunfisk. I thought it was dumb and everything everyone else thinks.
Then I realized how freaking funny it looks and you can make so many jokes out of it and it's actually strangely cute. Thus it quickly became one of my favourites.
Re: Pokemon you used to hate/not care, but now love.

Spheal.I never used to pay attention to it until a year ago.Now it's my favourite Pokemon.

I've also gotten more used to Delphox because it really is a cool Pokemon.Though,not my favourite typing...
Re: Pokemon you used to hate/not care, but now love.

Re: Pokemon you used to hate/not care, but now love.

So in my earlier pokemon days (this being the gen 3 days in which all I played was the gen 1 remakes), I really wasn't actually a particular fan of eevee and its lot. Don't get me wrong, I didn't mind them as such, they were just sort of... there. I'd get my eevee, evolve it and then largely forget about it. Wow, I was really heartless as a child!

But then, about three years ago, after a far too long space of not playing any pokemon at all, I decided to get myself a copy of Platinum to see whether I could get back into the series (hint hint, I could). I imagine anyone who's read any of my posts will know where this is going, but I'll tell the story anyway, for those of you who haven't and are actually maybe interested.

So for some reason, I didn't really catch very many pokemon early on. I got a shinx, a hoothoot and a gligar together with my starter, a turtwig, and they were definitely a nice bunch, but hardly spectacular (and I've only just realised how weak to ice the team was). And then, at some point, I was given an eevee. Pretty standard. Happens all the time. But I decided to put her on my team for the time being, at least until I could find a stone for her to see what would be worth evolving her into. I was considering flareon, since I'd owned a jolteon and used a vaporeon before, so to my ignorant 14-year-old self, that was all I was missing. I was technically aware of espeon, but I'd only ever seen the shiny and didn't know how to get it. I also thought eevee only evolved using elemental stones. So naturally, I tried using dusk and dawn stones on her with no success, and concluded there probably weren't any other eeveelutions.

So imagine my surprise when my eevee suddenly spontaneously evolves into a pretty black creature with fancy gold decorations! Dark type too, which was very nice. I'm not sure I'd ever actually owned a dark type before. And so, inspired by the golden solar eclipse-esque rings adorning her body, I named her Eclipse. And that, ladies and gentlemen, was the beginning of a legend.

I'll admit she wasn't stellar, actually. She had a pretty rough time in her journeys across Sinnoh. Battles were made difficult by the varying degrees of incompetence across the team, defintely not least from me. But in time, the team got better. Meaning I employed a lucario and a gyarados. So then Eclipse had to worry about living in their shadows, as well as a certain rivalry with my luxray (literally, as they were both female and guess what luxray's ability was). But still, Eclipse lasted to the end. No-one took her place away.

Eclipse stayed on the team, admittedly as a bit of an underdog, right the way up to the pokemon league. And it was there that her fates turned. Actually, she had a pretty mixed run through the elite four. She came through in a few sticky spots, and definitely proved her worth against Lucian, but overall, she wasn't too fortunate. Until the champion. Cynthia, as I'm sure you know, owns a great and powerful garchomp, a mighty creature who destroys all who oppose her. And so she did. One-by-one, my team fell, until all hope was lost. All who remained was one small umbreon.

Yet, when faced with the dragon, the fearsome creature who had taken down her comrades, Eclipse did not flee. She stood strong against a most terrible foe, dodged the beast's dragon rush, and finished her once and for all. Yet Cynthia still had her roserade, and Eclipse's victory was far from certain. Or rather, it would have been, had Eclipse not been prepared in advance for such a matchup. The devious umbreon attacked with psychic power, casting her foe down, and thus the battle was won. And there was much rejoicing.

After that, I could hardly let her go, could I? I don't care for her battle performance before or since, she showed me there that she is worth a lot more than I'd ever appreciated before. And so I started paying much more attention to the eeveelutions from then on. When, years later, my brother said he wanted a glaceon (and had already evolved his gift-eevee into leafeon) I was willing to spend a lot of time on Soulsilver earning game coins to buy him one. Then he changed his mind, and didn't want a glaceon anymore, leaving me with a strong eevee I didn't know what to do with. Long story short, I evolved him to a vaporeon, named him Maelstrom, and he was the first pokemon I ever EV trained. And he's now a good friend of Eclipse's, in fact.

It's just occurred to me I may be rambling horribly...

So yeah, I'm probably officially an eeveelution fan now, thanks to Eclipse. She may have been and still be quite a weak umbreon, but she's my weak umbreon and I love her.
Re: Pokemon you used to hate/not care, but now love.


I hate it and the idea of being a Parent Pokemon with a baby on its pouch.

I just don't get the idea of it being a Pokemon and yet, the baby on its pouch are not growing old. Lol

but when I saw its Mega Evolution, I suddenly like it and the idea of the baby Pokemon on its pouch is already part of the battle.
Re: Pokemon you used to hate/not care, but now love.

Possibly Absol or Blastoise.
Re: Pokemon you used to hate/not care, but now love.

Sceptile. I never liked its design and it's the reason I never used Treecko.

But since I played the ORAS demo it's my new favourite starter, somehow it just looks so much better in its 3D model and I especially love its mega evo.

So now I'm definitely choosing Treecko in Omega Ruby when it comes out.
Re: Pokemon you used to hate/not care, but now love.

Palpitoad. I think I saw it before Ash caught it (not sure though) but it was when he got it that it became my favorite.

When seeing @Erza Scarlet; s post about Stunfisk, I agree. Did not care about Stunfisk much either. Like it now.
Re: Pokemon you used to hate/not care, but now love.

Azumarill and Charizard. I didn't hate them but I found both of them to pretty generic battle wise so I avoided them. There wasn't a lot they could do that someone else could do better but come XY they have new moves, types and megas which set them apart from others of their type. I find myself using Charizard X a lot since it's type is unique for a non legendary and it still sets it self apart from Reshiram by being a physical attacker with a wide move pool instead of a nuclear powered special attacker with few moves.

Blastoise is another which I found generic but now I love using its mega for the sheer novelty of having a literal Kamehameha.
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