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Mafia Polymerization Mafia - Endgame (Mafia Wins)

Polymerization Mafia - Sign-ups
Oct 13, 2021
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  1. He/Him
Hello everyone! :bulbaWave:

Welcome to Polymerization Mafia (12p)!!!

Hosted by ????? (that's right, the true brain behind this remains a secret for now) with RavenRaziel98 as the Co-host Sidekick!
@DawningWinds will be our MoD

To the lost souls who are here to experience the eternal damnation, be advised...
This game is like a honey badger - it looks quite cool but actually it's super fierce, super tanky and super unpredictable!

Make sure to write down your last words before you sign up for this!¹

¹For legal reasons I am obliged to inform you that this game may be so frustrating that it leads to heart attacks, rage and temper issues, anxiety, insomnia, manic behavior, depression, schizophrenia, paranoia and loss of all sanity.
Bulbagarden and the hosting team can not be held accountable for damages to mind and body that occur in relation to this game.

Also (just to be sure): You will (probably) not receive any damage by playing this game!

So after I requested 123 Mafia to be added to the queue someone approached me in private and offered me this opportunity.
This wonderful wonderful opportunity :bulbaCute:
A setup with a twist so unreasonable that I got super fired up and now here we are...
At the most frustrating TWR game of 2023 (or maybe 2024, depending on when we can run this) :bulbaLove:

(1) All Bulbagarden forum and TWR section rules apply.

(2) Do not discuss the game except in the thread and host-created outside chats

(3) Claim whatever you want we don’t care. No screenshots or copypasting though.

(4) Be active please. There’s not a strict minimum this game, but if we feel like you're not participating we'll prod you and if it continues we'll sub you out.

(5) Do not attempt to abuse loopholes; if uncertain if what you want to do is considered a loophole, contact the hosts to confirm.

(6) -Lo phases will not be announced

(7) A tie in votes will result in one of the tied players being killed at random.

(8) Hammer rules are not active by default. Players can vote to activate them with. However they will not become active until all living players have made at least one-in thread post since the start of the phase.

(9) After dying, you may make a single post in thread, but this post must contain no game-relevant information.

(10) No major edits or post deletion. The MoD will revert it and you will be warned or subbed out.

(11) Everything is bastard and chaos and we did not plan role interactions very thoroughly. Weird shit will happen. Don't sign up if you aren't prepared for it.

(12) The hosts are valid targets for all night actions and votes and have roles. Make of that what you will.

1. coordinator lissi
2. Itsjustmudkipz
3. ExLight
4. noctiluca
5. beryllium
6. JamieIsBored
7. FinalArcadia
8. Minish
9. Midorikawa
10. Quasar_Catfish
11. TheCapsFan
12. Hiimhereandboredtalktome


1. Jinjo
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in in in
i've already got multiple of those disorders this game can't do shit to me

hyperbastard, here i come

I hope it's ok if I sign up. I've never completed a mafia game successfully, the one time I tried on a different forum, the host ended the game prematurely. This one looks very chaotic though. I'm excited!
welcome to twr!! :bulbaLove:
Was trying to avoid another game until after December when I am a walking corpse full of stress when my grandma visits but this does sound like fun, so in!

Also, I thought this was a Yu-Gi-Oh game when I saw the title at first lol.
Come join the fun!

Maybe I can make ????? turn some things to make sure you ain't a protective again, but no promises
It’s Christmas time so my job is ten times busier. I need a more tempting reason. Is this game so bastard that we won’t see a repeat of your previous one where Zexy still turned it into a claim game?
It’s Christmas time so my job is ten times busier. I need a more tempting reason. Is this game so bastard that we won’t see a repeat of your previous one where Zexy still turned it into a claim game?
I think it's very unlikely that Zexy will show up, which removes a key element of the issue.
This game is so bastard that I literally can't guarantee for anything lol. Everything is possible.

Edit: And of course the thrill of hunting hints to figure out who ????? really is :bulbaCute:
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