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Your favorite pairing of all time?

Solid Snivy

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Nov 23, 2010
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You know, the one you ship with the fire of a million suns that's your OTP forever.

Mine is Matsuba/Minaki. It's pretty known that they're already really good friends so it's practically canon in my mind.
Mine's Pearlshipping!

Pearlshipping is the reason why I became obsessed with Pokemon again. I think Ash and Dawn look so cute together and they're like the best of friends.
Pokeshipping. You can't get a much closer bond than Ash and Misty. They were amazingly close and they have tons of hints. It makes the most sense out of all the Ash ships to me, and they just look so cute together.
Hmmm... Almiashipping (Kellyn/Kate). ^^ I loved their interactions in the manga. But mostly I just have all these cross-canon ideas of the adorable adventures they have together, saving the natural environment...
For Pokemon, I am a diehard Pokeshipper, I've loved this pairing ever since the show first aired. AAML ♥

My other one is Tomoya x Nagisa from CLANNAD because they are so cute together and their story is really emotional. Oh, did I mention it's canon too? :)
For Pokemon, Contestshipping. SERIOUSLY. HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE IT?

Other [airings from various fandoms include: HarryxGinny, RONxHERMIONE, BrambleclawxSquirrelflight, HollyleafxBreezepelt.

The last one's pretty gross once you figure out they're half-siblings
Fortunately (or unfortunately...), my favorite shipping of all time is from pokemon: Comashipping :crush:

It covers all the criteria for "favorite shipping" for me. I've drawn fanart, made amvs, discussed it fervently to other fans and non-fans (I've also considered spending MONEY on making a Paul and Ash plushie...as well as cosplaying the characters... You could say that I'm obsessed :p)
Rocketshipping. I've been heavily into it since 2008, though I loved it as a kid too. There's nothing that could beat this ship for me, and none of my previous OTPs are nothing compared to KojiMusa. <3 I'm grateful for the ship as it helped me to become a better fanartist and even got me writing fics. I've also met wonderful people through it. :-D
of all time? masa & yaichi from sarai-ya goyou <3

but since we're talking about pokemon... maybe toxicboltshipping? ironwillshipping? ikarishipping? man, i can't choose. i'm too much of a multishipper in this fandom :I
Ok, I love all Ash ships, but I gotta admit Pearlshipping is the one that got me really into shipping in the first place. Than after that I started liking other ones. So I guess I like Pearlshipping the best.
Pokeshipping..because..it's my OTP..:)and I started watching Pokemon and keep watching Pokemon because of them:)
~points to sig~ those are <3
festivalshipping is harley X soledad by the way

from other fandoms:

Rocketshipping is a true OTP for me, my favorite ship of any fandom I've ever been in. I've been a huge fan for 5 or 6 years now and still can't see any other pairing replacing these two in my heart. <3
Choosing ONE favorite is hard, so I have two. I like both comashipping and preciousmetalshipping. For me, both of them are great because they are both rival shippings and they both have great chemistry. I find art for both shippings absolutely adorable ^^
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