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  1. colours


    i'd... probably remove? like, i get the point is to always crit, but the really low base power means i don't really see the advantages of using it over say, freeze-dry or ice beam in most scenarios. hail
  2. colours

    Underrated Pokemon

    lanturn i really and truly do love lanturn. it's such a damn shame that it's overshadowed pretty much completely by rotom-wash who has much better stats in pretty much almost if not every area. still though, lanturn is cool and i wish there was more appreciation for it.
  3. colours

    Spoilers Latest Wild Area Max Raids

    nah idc what you trade me, this is a dupe anyway so trade me whatever, haha. i'll pm you the arrangements so we don't clutter up this thread. :>
  4. colours

    Pokemon Sword and Shield Events/Gifts Thread

    the pokemon are boring giveaways, the items aren't. the apriballs are definitely appreciated and i'm going to hoard a ton of them. don't really care much about the pokemon distribution. really though, game freak could've gone bolder to create more excitement than to giveaway boring 'mons most...
  5. colours

    What will happen right after the Isle or Armor and the Crown Tundra original release?

    late, but part of me really hopes there isn't a third DLC. there's already a lot of concerns about the $90 price tag + Home + Switch Online. adding on another $30 DLC (let's assume it'll be the same price) would have people balking. $120 for a pokemon game would be a lot to ask, even if it had...
  6. colours

    Spoilers Latest Wild Area Max Raids

    if you don't manage to find one, let me know! i believe i have a spare one i can trade you. :>
  7. colours

    Spoilers Latest Wild Area Max Raids

    caught a g-max shiny meowth, but honestly? it's probably the more disappointing g-max shiny to me. there's even less of a difference (to me, that is) than even g-max pikachu. @[email protected]; still though, i suppose it's nice to have...
  8. colours

    Spoilers Sword & Shield: Expansion Pass

    tbh my hopes so far are just new galarian forms. feels a bit underwhelming that we got so few and i'm hoping for a lot more this time around.
  9. colours

    Spoilers Sword & Shield: Expansion Pass
    Threadmarks: Concerning Leaks

    Hey everyone! Really late to this, forgive me for that. But I have a really important message to share. As usual, whenever a Pokemon release is right around the corner, potential leaks and rumours come from left and right about the possibilities of what may be in new Pokemon games. However...
  10. colours

    Bulbapedia Edit Request(s)
    Threadmarks: Repeated Questions

    Hi, please keep in mind to keep repeated question to a minimum. We understand responses can be slow, but we'd stress utmost patience for users making their edit request until Bulbapedia staff get around to responding to them. Thank you.
  11. colours

    You are a pokemon NPC Trainer

    pre-battle: you look like a pretty strong trainer. wanna battle? winning quote: this is a surprising outcome! i did better than expected! losing quote: well, this is kind of a bummer. post-battle: i travel around looking for strong trainers to battle. it's how i can get stronger, myself!
  12. colours

    Changes/Additions you would make in an update to SwSh

    in an update i would make it so the main character would stop wearing dumb clothes specifically for biking. like... i customized my main character for a reason and i can't see that 90% of the time because whenever i traverse the wild area, i have to see that ridiculous getup instead. just slap...
  13. colours

    You are a pokemon NPC Trainer

    you spot a trainer! as per the social rules of the pokemon world, if you see a trainer, you HAVE to challenge them. it used to be "if two trainers lock eyes with each other", but y'know...not facing the same direction as a challenging trainer doesn't count anymore. but anyway! what do you say...
  14. colours

    Spoilers Latest Wild Area Max Raids

    let's assume that gmax eevee is the next featured raid (it probably will be, but who knows). is anyone here hunting for that, as well? part of me wants to pass on it, but idk. might be nice to have, i think.
  15. colours

    Sync Pair Scouting thread

    didn't get wallace either, although i didn't spend nearly as much as some people have. i've basically been logging in daily just to do pulls and have been fairly unsuccessful :s